Monday, December 04, 2006


Real post to come later, hopefully with pics.

I bought another one of my almost favorite US 2 circular needles. I am not letting Dad's socks defeat me (although the clogs are going very well). Not that the needle had anything to do with it, but I can at least start working on the second sock and not think about the heel while I'm...

taking the TeddieCat to the vet this afternoon. He's been wheezing a little bit, and sneezing, and I found some blood in his litter box this morning. Chrissy's kitty just had to make a vet trip and got diagnosed with a cold. I hope whatever Teddie has is just that simple! I really hope so, since I can't really afford a lot of treatment - for some reason having my brother here last month broke my budget completely, and now Christmas is coming! Sigh!

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AR said...

Aww. Poor kitty, hope he's better soon. (and not too bank breaking!) I fear the vet, just because of the bills!