Friday, March 23, 2007

At last!

The package from KnitPicks actually arrived Tuesday. Of course, they had to deliver it during the about three hours I wasn't home, so they dump it off in the apartment complex office, which closes at 3:00p. So I didn't get it until Wednesday, and have barely had time to work on it since. But I am progressing a few rows at a time and maybe soon I'll have a sweater! The Socka Socks, as I'm calling them, continue to turn out with odd patterns, but I have to admit that they will be the most interesting pair of socks I've done so far, color-wise. I also have to admit it's the worst job of picking up gusset stitches I've done so far (there's a small hole I don't feel like fixing). But I'm almost to the toe - it's amazing how much faster thicker sock yarns work up.

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The hand is much better, although still rather more colorful than usual. However, if one more conversation goes
Other Person: What happened to your hand?! (It was fairly noticeable, I guess.)
Me: A bad board break in my taekwondo class.
Other Person: Maybe that's a sign that hands shouldn't break boards! *insert look that indicates Other Person is speaking to someone of either damaged or lesser intelligence*
I might scream. They just don't get it. And besides, I heal. Okay, so the bruises ended up on the exact places on my fingers and wrist where I need to rest my hand to write, so two afternoons of meetings and an evening of superspeed blocking didn't really help the bruising and it was still hurting enough to put ice on it again last night after rehearsal. Oddly, the worst wasn't the bruises. It's something along the side of my hand that objects to repetitive bending and stretching of the pinky, such as one would do with things like writing, typing, erasing, moving tables, that kind of thing. But after a few days with ice packs and only a couple ibuprofen, all seems much better now. A few more days and everything should be back to normal color, too - just in time for the next class! I think I can do the break next time, though. Just need to work on aim.

The show is going really well. It's a little intimidating working with a resident director who is a really good friend of my direct supervisor, who is a really great stage manager. I feel like I'm constantly being measured against her and that I fall short. But it is a very fun show anyway, and it's great to be working with everyone again. The show is very well cast and well directed and will be tons of fun. We're almost finished blocking Act Two, which, for those who know the show, is when the penguins get delivered. Because, really, this is a play about weird props: cockroach farms, sarcophagi, and, of course, escaping penguins. Plague is going through still, though. Luckily, none of my team has caught it yet, but we've had at least one actor sick every day. Sigh.

For the record, my cat is insane. We all know he's terribly neglected, of course, so much so that he must beg for attention. He's quite vocal about it, too. Lately, though, he's been fascinated by the front door. I know that there are possums and feral cats around, so I don't know if he's smelling or hearing them or what, but he'll stare at it, talk to it, bat at it, and suddenly meow and run away from it, only to chase his tail for a while and lay back down in front of the door to talk to himself and start all over again. I clipped his leash on (yes, he has a leash and we do sneak outside occasionally, but only on the leash and I'm always with him. He doesn't walk on the leash like a dog, but it gives me control over his radius of freedom) and we went out for a few minutes. There wasn't anything there but concrete, of course, but he seemed to like rolling around on it. He's never acted like he's wanted to go outside before, so this is weird. Cats! Oh, and there was this super sweet, absolutely gorgeous grey/orange/white calico female kitty at PetSmart the other day in the adoption center. Her name is Pepper and she's three years old and is not declawed. If she's still there next time I go, though, I might just have to get an adoption application and find out more about her.

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Amanda said...

Just tell them that most people don't bruise themselves breaking boards. ^^~

Seriously, I do hope it heals completely, soon.

I still have a weirdly discolored toe from weeks ago when we were playing soccer.

Injuries happen.

Better an injury than heart disease, often caused by being inactive.