Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March...

While it's true that every month has an "ides" - the fifteenth day of March, May, July, or October, and the thirteenth day of the rest of the months, although it means "middle of the month" - thanks to good old Bill Shakes, we're all familiar with the Ides of March as a day of reckoning or something to be wary of now. (For those who don't live in theater and have forgotten high school lit classes, it stems from the soothsayer's warning in Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, where it becomes the day Caesar is assassinated. I've always wondered why the play, truly more of a story on Brutus' mind and heart, was titled after a character who dies in the first act, but hey, I haven't been famous for 500 years, so what do I know?)

Anyway, this ides has lived up to its promise, and it's only3:30p. I was so proud of myself last night - I was in bed at 2:00a and asleep by 2:30a, which allows me to wake up at what I consider the reasonable hour of 10:30a. (I'm like that, I will usually sleep almost exactly eight hours if I'm not woken up during that time.) At 8:00a the phone rings - one of the students calling out of rehearsal sick. Apparently the plauge is starting around again, as we've had four students sick in the past two days. Great. The interruption of sleep threw my bioclock off, and I did not wake up again until noon and was still groggy. Ugh, a whole morning wasted! I run around trying to get ready to go into the office by 1:30, and as I'm getting ready to walk out the door, I open it to find the apartment complex manager. They're replacing all the bathroom light fixtures in the complex. Great. My place is a wreck (okay, not really, but not as clean as it would have been had I remembered the super was coming today) and the Teddiecat is nowhere to be found. I finally locate him in the back of the closet (the doorbell terrifies him for some reason) and taking advantage, shut him in the closet so the lighting guys can use the front door without worrying about the cat, and get to the office just before my ASMs. I give them their whole three projects to do this afternoon, approximately ten minutes worth of work each, and try to track down information on someone who asked for a job reference. Unfortunately, the person in question was an intern here seven years ago and neither Chrissy or I have ever met her, nor do we have files going back that far. All we have are her grades, and given some of the people who were here before Chrissy, the grades may or may not have anything to do with her stage management skills. So that was interesting. (The moral of this story is Keep Your References Up To Date!) I send the ASMs home after they finish their stuff, check on Outreach and Spring Dance stuff to make sure my interns aren't driving people crazy (everyone is very pleased with our current crop) and come back home to let the cat out of the closet. He is Not Happy with me, but at least I have a new bathroom light and a cat who hasn't broken any rules. Ahh, two whole hours before I have to go to rehearsal! I think I'll work on SRSP! Hmm...I'm almost to the end of the current ball of the MC. I know I had four balls of it, and bought two more, so I have six total. I have used five - two for each of the sleeves and one for the back and what I have done of the front. I cannot find the sixth ball for ANYTHING. I have no idea where it is. And, of course, it's the next color in the sequence. I have looked in every yarn storage space I can possibly think of, including every bag that I've used since Stitches. I'm sure I've only used five balls. Ugh. I don't mind dealing with KnitPicks, of course, but to buy ONE skein of WotA really isn't worth the price of shipping. Maybe I'll get a US 0 circ from them, too. Mrph. There goes getting the sweater done this week!

In other news, I'm thinking of frogging Snowdrop and doing a Leda's Dream stole instead. I like the snowdrop, but when you keep looking at a pattern and going "Oh, I wish I'd used that yarn for this instead," well, that tells you something. Now I'm going to run through my form and onesteps once or twice, and curl up with some Mythbusters and Tumbling Blocks before rehearsal. Luckily, it's just table work this week, which is my favorite part.

The cat is now punishing me by walking on the keyboard, licking my hands, and plopping himself in his most elegant sitting cat pose right in front of the monitor. When all of this results in getting picked up and dumped on the couch, he gets cat hair all over my shirt. We're going to chat.

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AR said...

I hate it when something like that happens. Good luck with the sweater and the cat. :D