Sunday, March 18, 2007


No rehearsal until...Wednesday? Really? We had callbacks for students who are auditioning to become part of next year's acting class today, so the faculty was busy with that, so no rehearsal. Monday is our normal day off. The director was called out of state to a meeting for another show he's directing this summer (apparently this was the only time they could meet and he had to be there in person for it), and wont' be back until Wednesday morning. So no rehearsal Tuesday. I'm going to have no freaking idea what day of the week it is next week. But I might get to watch House! I hope it's a new episode...This is a good thing, as we blocked ALL of Act One yesterday - thirty pages of blocking in eight hours makes for a cramped hand!

I went shopping today after callbacks. I got several more spring-like and, well, nicer, shirts for work and even a few dresses. I got a really pretty kind of art-deco print maroon and gold strappy dress for Dinner opening that I will have to find some kind of wrap for (it will be way too cold in the theater and at the restaurant), and a cute funky 70's print dress that will be very fun for Company's opening this summer. Now, I am normally not a shopper or even particularly fashion conscious, so it was pretty exciting to not only find fun colors but also that the current styles and fabrics are fairly flattering. Now I have to find some shoes and a wrap for the red dress and some cute black flats and I might actually look more like a professional and less like a college student at work. Of course, this is assuming that I reduce activities like...oh, buying two books in a series, getting home and finding out that I already have those two books, and having to take them back and get the two that I had originally PLANNED on getting in the first place...

As for knitting, all I can say is that the rest of the WotA better get here tomorrow (I paid for 2-day shipping!), because I want to finish this sweater! Tumbling Blocks was in my bag, and somehow got pretzel crumbs all over it from a snackbag that got turned upside down. The skein is okay, but the one time I don't have the scarf and needles in the bag...sigh...cashmere and crumbs. I'm hoping this will work out. The socks I've started to occupy myself with in the meantime have got to be the weirdest self-patterning sequence ever. I'll take a pic tomorrow maybe, after class. Yay class! Feels like I haven't been there in a month, for some reason. Have I mentioned that I can't wait for class tomorrow?

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