Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay, I knew as soon as I said there was a possibility SRSP could be done soon that something was going to happen to prevent work on it. This weekend was gorgeous - bright, sunny, and 85+ degrees with a lovely breeze. Am I going to sit in my unairconditioned apartment with wool in my lap? Um, no. It was perfect weather to take a book to the pool or the beach, so that's what I did. With appropriate sunscreen, of course. I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.

The cat melted few times - he gets warm, so he snoozes sprawled out on the floor as wide and long as he can possibly be. He turns into this unidentifiable blob of fur. I've been making sure that he has plenty of fresh water, and I've been putting a few ice cubes in it every so often. Oh, and the whole trouble with the litter box thing? It was - get this - turned the wrong way. As near as I can guess, when the litter box is facing one way, the rake comes toward the door (and probably him, since he likes to go watch it), whereas when it is facing the other way, the rake doesn't come towards him, so he's "safe". Cats! Males! (Take your pick.)

Stripey Socks and I are no longer speaking. I just really don't like them right now, and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's the fabric. I might have to go down to, gulp, US 0's. Which means I'd have to buy sock needles. Mrph. I'm trying so hard not to spend lots of knitting money this year! I'm not a huge fan of the yarn, either. Anyone want some KnitPicks Simple Stripes? It's self-striping, faux-Fair Isle grey, blue and white stripes. I don't know what I'm going to work on instead. None of the socks in progress fit in Project Spectrum, and I'm trying not to start anything new. We'll see. I might have to start a new stockinette pair. Just, you know, to have a purse project in the right colors.

Class was crazy hot tonight, because of the weather. There weren't quite as many people there this week as last week, but it was still crowded, and even with all the doors open, it was like working out in a sauna. I had to have my bottle of water, I don't know how everyone else got through without it. Maybe I'm just wimpy like that =) Sir was back, and we did more punching drills. We still did a lot of kicking drills, and worked on the self-defense moves for this unit again. I got partnered with C. and a different blue belt with lots of braces whose name I don't know tonight. I really don't like this unit's self-defense moves. I mean, they are effective, I suppose, but one of them seems overly complicated. Not to mention that it is a wrist..I don't know...lock, I guess, and I'm way overly paranoid about wrist and hand injuries. I always have been. I got teased about having "lady" (very small circumference, highly sensitive) wrists, but it was okay. Sir promised we'd do our new board breaks next class. Ma'am worked with us a little and taught us the proper procedure to present to testing judges. Other than that, Orange Belt Kid and I were left pretty much on our on for formwork tonight. Several people are still in the process of learning all of the moves of their new forms, so most of the instructors worked with them.

It was a pretty uneventful day. Rehearsals start tomorrow - yay! Totally cuts into the knitting time, but hopefully I'll be able to sleep again!


AR said...

I love KnitPicks Simple Stripes. Shame on them for getting rid of it, but maybe I'm one of the few who like it?

Sorry about the heat. No I'm not, I'm jealous! I'd be sensitive about my wrists, too. You need to be able to knit, and type, right!

Amie said...

Aren't cats fun little things?

If it makes you feel better, Aslan only #2s in one box, and only #1s in another box. Trevor is much more carefree. Which royally ticks Aslan off, sometimes to the point of standing and yelling at the boxes. Which are RIGHT NEXT TO each other - literally, touching!