Friday, March 30, 2007


1. WWF or RAW or whatever the hell professional wresting is called nowadays has to be some of the most comically bad stage combat I've ever seen. I happened to catch the last few minutes of one while waiting for L&O:SVU to come on the other night. Maybe from a live audience viewpoint, it might sell, you know, like 50+ feet away, but on camera, not so much. Know your medium, people! I love stage combat, and that just hurts to watch, it's so bad.

2. I can't finish the Socka Socks. For the first time ever, I will not have enough yarn in the skein to finish a sock. I'm going to have to get a coordinating solid color for the heels and toes. Argh - can't I finish ANYTHING right now? I'm SO CLOSE on the SRSP, but that extra stitch/missing decrease is bugging the hell out of me. I have to go back and find it. I'm going to try to get some quality time on it tomorrow. I really really want to finish it by Saturday.

3. John called this afternoon! He's trying to get the show going again and wants to work through a touring version of it with me soon. I really really hope he can get it going again on a solid basis. Getting our crew and show back together for a real tour would be...unbelievably awesome! I cannot express this in words. Seriously. We're talking about a possible show in North Carolina in October or November, and possibly a few others in the fall. I have to stay at PCPA until we get to the point where he can pay me the regular salary, but I think we should be able to work it out if we get the dates far enough in advance. I hope so! (Did I mention I really want to work with him again?) I'm going to try to get down to LA after opening to spend some time with the new and old toys. Need to brush up on some of my illusions. That is one place in the world I can easily spend a fourteen hour day without noticing the time at all.

4. Cinnabon's cinnamon bread that they sell at Vons (local grocery chain) is incredibly yummy. It's great with breakfast, or, toasted with butter and the tiniest bit of sugar, a great and healthier-than-a-lot-of-other-snacks-snack. It's not the healthiest stuff, of course, but, as someone with seemingly insatiable munchies once a month, this is a lot better than the bag of chocolates or Oreos I'd normally turn to first! (I swear, there are times I wonder if pot would make me eat less!)

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