Saturday, April 14, 2007

Had to share this:

"You are a knitting madwoman. Or crocheting, or whatever method it is that you use to antagonize yarn these days."

- from a non-knitting technogeek friend in an online conversation where I mentioned having trouble deciding on how I should lay out the squares for the baby blanket. I look around and see how many things are not near finished and think "I'm a knitting madwoman? I never get anything done!"

Opening tomorrow night! No rehearsal in the afternoon, just the show. Have some errands to run beforehand, though. I can't wait for this weekend to be over. Opening tomorrow night, then a matinee and understudy rehearsal Sunday, then just class (twice!) and a few meetings until Thursday! Hopefully this time will also convince Teddie that he really is not neglected nor invisible and does not need to yowl at me for five minutes nor jump on me, attack my hands, lick my skin, or plop himself in the most inconvenient places possible in order to get attention. I swear, you'd think I never touch the cat the way he acts sometimes!

Now I'm taking a shower and going to bed, it's been a hella long day! Will try to finish seaming SRSP tomorrow and get some collarless pics. Oh, and will show you some ideas I'm thinking of with the blocks. I adore knitting them - the perfect straight play booth project - but figuring out the order of them may do me in!


Suzanne said...

Thanks for stopping by! Great answers!

Coleen said...

have a great opening!!!

Amie said...

But you do antagonize yarn!

Aslan does a happy dance when I get home if I've been gone longer than fifteen minutes - he flings himself to the floor, flops on his back and squiggles back and forth while yelling.

It's better than not being missed at all, right?