Monday, April 30, 2007

Class, good. The past couple times, we've ended with some of the kids' games. Last time it was Ninja Stars (a version of dodgeball with the hitting targets as balls). Tonight, it was Chicken Tail, a version of tag, where you turn your belt around so the ends are on your back, and you have to try to tug everyone else's belts while protecting your own. We also did self-defense a little differently tonight. We practiced the moves with our partners (Cute Purple Belt was my partner tonight), then we split into two circles. One person stood in the middle of the circle, and anyone on the circle attacked whoever was in the middle with the moves we had just been practicing. I don't know about anyone else, but that was extremely helpful to me - you didn't know who would attack you next or with which attack. I'm still a bit slow reacting and working through everything, but it was a lot more of a learning experience for me than the drills we usually do. I also found out that I might actually be able to make the next testing date (June 9th). I've never tested with the rest of the class before, so I'm a little nervous.
Getting up at 5:30a tomorrow so I can be on the road at 6:00a so I can be in LA to rehearse above show at 10:30a, bad. Gonna take a shower and try to crash now. I hope I can be back in time to go to the gym - I didn't get a chance to go running at all last week.

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