Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kicking puppies and other fun stuff

I hate firing people who have not ticked me off personally. It's a billion times worse when said person is under ten years of age and I have to talk not only to him, but to his mother. It sucks. I know it was the right call, and I know I was the right person to do it, but really. There's nothing in the world positive about the experience. I wanted to go to the studio and kick the hell out of some targets for a while, but no such luck, since it was Saturday, and I had about twenty minutes for dinner after all was said and done, anyway.

I laid the baby blanket out today, and realized that I don't think it will be big enough.

The Inspector graciously helped with a size comparison:

There are only four more tiers in my original idea. Adding length won't be difficult, I can always add more diamonds to each end and stay in pattern, but width (which may or may not be an issue) will be a little trickier. We'll see. I'll finish what I have planned and then take a look at it again. It might not be so bad.

I get to spend my weekend with this, though:

I had a skein of Amy's The New Black explode on me when I was trying to wind it. I must have twisted it or something when I put it on the swift, and the more I worked with it, the worse it got. I have about half of it untangled and wound now, and am trying to work up the courage to face the rest of the blob.

I also thought of a couple other sweater/shirt ideas, these are for more warmer-weather tops, that I might swatch for this weekend. I don't know if I should post a picture of my sketches or not. Last time, someone very kindly suggested that if I should ever be interested in publishing a pattern, often publishers ask that said pattern is not shared in any part before the publication. While I have no plans to try to get anything published yet, I do think one of my ideas could be really cute for Knitty or something, so maybe I'll just keep them under wraps for now.

Picture sizes should be smaller now, btw. I'm trying a new program to resize images. Let me know how it works?

Class tomorrow - I cannot wait! I so need it!

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Mindy said...

Your original plan might not be as bad as you think. Smaller blankets are great for use in car seats and strollers. The extra width would just get in the way.

I hate it when I mess up yarn and end up with a big knot.