Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Just a quick update (pics will be up soon):
1. SRSP: I have the sleeves sewn to the body and one side and one sleeve seamed. My eyes are already crossing, so I won't work on it tonight, but it will be finished soon!

2. Socks: I found the pattern for the Green Gables yarn. It's a simple 4x4 rib and it's the right one. How do I know? I was able to turn the heel with absolutely no problems. These are my show project, at least for the time being.

3. Slight change of schedule: One of my coworkers is expecting! I'm thinking of doing a small mitered square blanket in some leftover/stash Caron Simply Soft. She's due in October. She's also a knitter, though, so I'm going to check in with her to find out if there is something she really wants to make herself for the baby so I don't make it, too!

3. Show: The show is going extremely well. We have our first preview tomorrow night and I can't wait to get an audience and fresh faces. The show is still funny to us, but we've all seen it too many times now. It's just long, and I am not looking forward to not being done with the show until after 11:00p! Next year, we're starting the shows at 7:00p - can't wait!

4. Running: 2.5 miles today, 1.25 miles yesterday. It just felt so good to run today that I did a little more than I usually do. My legs are going to complain tomorrow. Now I need some food and a shower.

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