Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sore Throats and Stripey Goodness

So far I seem to have been able to successfully avoid the plague that has run through the company. However, the past week or so, I have woken up with a slightly sore throat and hoarse voice. Most of the week, it's gotten better through the day, but today it just hasn't. So, no trip to Monterey, unfortunately. I feel fine, other than the throat and a nagging fatigue, but I don't want to get AF Guy sick and I certainly don't want to make myself even more ill this week!

So, the results of last night's television fest:

Four complete sweater pieces! The front is actually blocking, the back and the sleeves came over to keep it company. Finishing the knitting only took maybe half an hour. This:

Took over six hours. I'm not exaggerating, I swear. Three episodes of Law & Order: SVU, one episode of House, some special on making Easter candy, part of some travel show where they went to Alaska, six hours of sleep (of course, today, I wake up at 9:15a for no reason!), and part of a Discovery Channel show about building the Great Pyramid. But it's done. I'll let it spend the day drying and either tonight or tomorrow, sew it together and pick up the stitches for the neck. I am, btw, not even going to try the intarsia collar on the original version. It's going to be the same solid color as the sleeves.

Now I'm off to play with some entrelac socks.


Anne said...

Wow thats looking just fabulous - I can't wait to see the end result. I could never wear that kind of stripe lol, but it looks like the finished sweater is going to be really cool!

AR said...

I love the look of that sweater. Great job!

I'd be way too lazy to deal with all of those ends, but yay you!!

Mindy said...

The sweater is looking great! I would have completely lost my patience with the ends.