Sunday, August 12, 2007

Goals - 2 at least

1. The first Felici sock is done. I still love the yarn. I started the second one, rather than start the HSS2 socks quite yet. I was seriously considering it, but the superstitious streak in me (I work in theater, we're a superstitious lot) can't shake the "you must cast on the second sock in the same sitting as binding off the first or it's bad luck" thing. If this one goes as quickly as the first, though, and it is progressing quite nicely, it won't take long. Or I'll break and order a second circ in the same size.

2. Got the green belt. It's much more attractive than the camo. More after the cut for those interested. I did break the brown board, and even survived sparring apparently completely unscathed, which is surprising considering I haven't been able to get to sparring class for three weeks now. Sigh. I ended up sparring Oscar and then Viv. The midterming second degrees had to not only spar two regular matches, they then had to spar all the other black belts, and THEN had to spar Sir and Mr. R. Crazy! Was fun to watch, though. Someday I'll get there. (I was asked the other day what my long term -3-5 years from now - goals were. I had never thought of it before, and wasn't even thinking about class at the time, but the first thing that popped into my head was "I want my black belt." Is that weird?) Sir showed me a new kick I'll need for my next form - a step reverse side kick - and told me to work those with twin high & low blocks next week since I won't be in class. I'll have to find somewhere with enough room and a bit of privacy.

After Labor Day they are changing Thursday night sparring to a regular adult class, and moving sparring to Friday nights. Which means that it's an extra night of class, but unless I can sweet-talk Chrissy into calling all of the Friday performances, which is possible but can't be determined right now, I pretty much have no chance of making it to sparring for the rest of the year. I'd really really love to have a job that left my evenings free right now. They're also starting a *drool* cardio kickboxing class on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays! The Tuesday class is at noon, so I think I could make most of the M/T classes during the school year. I'll have to see if I can afford it, though. And physically be able to do both the kickboxing class and tkd class on the same day. There would be a 45 minute rest between classes, and I bet my legs would not appreciate it for the first few days.

3. Kate is closing tomorrow night. Thank goodness. The audiences love it, which is great, but honestly, this show got cursed somehow. Something happens every night, it seems. We've even gone so far as to put a talisman over the stage door. (Told you we are a superstitious lot!) It has helped slightly - things still happen, but they're more minor. I've only been involved with it for two and a half weeks and I can't wait for it to be done!

Going to LA to do two shows for John next week and won't be around much. I'm leaving early Monday morning, so I won't make it to knitting or tkd, unfortunately. My parents have spent the past week meandering west in their car, and apparently they hit Vegas this afternoon. I'm jealous. They're planning on making it to LA on Monday and staying until Thursday, so I'll get to stay with them for a few days there. One of my interns is gonna check in on the TeddieCat for me. I suppose maybe I should make the place look semi-clean and possibly pack, huh?

Oh, and I'm probably also weird for really enjoying the show Human Weapon. I just think it's fascinating. But then, I have a weird job and what some would consider a weird hobbies, so maybe it's not that strange for me.

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Kim said...

I'm sorry to have missed Kate - glad it's over if it's been bad luck! Have a great time with your family. I went to Monday knitting group today - hopefully we can both go next Monday.