Friday, August 03, 2007

I wanna go to class!

Okay, I'll stop whining now. Nothing particularly fiber-related has happened this week. I've started Clue 4 of the MS 3. I'm not sure how I feel about Clue 5 at this point. I'm not a fan of asymmetry as a rule, although I kind of like the lace pattern. I'm going to wait and see what other people's look like first. My yarn for the HSS2 has STILL not arrived. I've been in contact with the seller, who assures me that if it has not come by Saturday, she will send another skein at no additional charge. She's been great, but I want my yarn! I purposely have not started another pair of socks because of this swap, and now I'm getting behind in my classes! I guess the multidirdiag scarf will be my bus project until the yarn gets here. Also, I have not done the ribbing to complete the vest yet. I want to. I really do. But for some reason, the idea of picking up the stitches at the armhole is very daunting. Maybe I'll bring it to the knitting group on Monday and they can throw things at me or something until I get the stitches picked up correctly.

Non-knitting stuff after the cut.
1. I'm officially the SM for Kate now. I started calling it last night. It wasn't too bad, although I did mess up a few things that will be corrected tonight. It's not a fast-paced show like Dames or Seuss, but it does have its moments. I'm going to meet up with Chrissy this afternoon and get her notes for me for this evening, then I'm on my own. Yikes. I had a dream last night that I totally and unfixably messed up calling the show and it was just...BAD. I'd be worried, but a.) most of my dreams are not prophetic and b.) we were in a theater I've never seen before and I have no intention of moving the show to a new venue tonight, so I think I'm good.

2. If I also end up calling the Solvang run of Urinetown, which is looking like a pretty good possibility right now, I will have called four of the six shows this summer, not to mention having called the last show of the spring and will be calling the first show of the fall. And yet, I really do have the lightest schedule. I think its because I will have spent a billion times more time in performance than having to deal with rehearsals, and performances are generally less stress because everything is already set. Unless, of course, you have a light cue that causes a power surge in the booth and fries the light board (happened Wednesday). Then you just have to kind of roll with the punches.

3. I will have company this month! My two best friends from high school, the ones I've made the afghans for, are coming out for the last weekend in August/first weekend in September! It will be so cool to have them out here! We're going to go winetasting, and shopping, and to the beach...will be fun! My parents are also coming back out to California this month, although they won't be making it up to Santa Maria. They're coming out the week of John's shows down in LA, so they're getting a hotel down there. They'll see John's show on Tuesday, then Wednesday we're gonna go to Disneyland! Yay!

4. I went running the other day for the first time this summer. Did just under two miles in 15 minutes (all the time I could squeeze in). I suppose I'm going to have to get back in the habit, particularly since once the school semester starts, my evenings are going to be strictly limited, at least until the holiday show opens.

And I still want to go to class.

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Kim said...

Wow, you're busy! I might try and come to the Monday knitting.