Monday, August 27, 2007

Quite possibly the most amusing thing I've heard all summer...

One of the guys after class: “This is why I don’t get women. The three of you [indicating me, Ma’am, and Ma’am’s daughter who is about my age and a second degree black belt] are totally focused and kick ass fighting during class, get bruised, sweaty, and dirty, then sit down and start chatting about weight, food, hair, and generally giggling like schoolgirls. How does that WORK?”

More tkd after the cut. We had another new white belt in class tonight. Five of them in the past two weeks! It's great, but it's getting awfully crowded! I was finally able to get through my form without having to stop and ask questions, so Sir started teaching me the first sparring segment. It's hard! Not only did I get drills to work on the step reverse side kicks for the form, I have to work on keeping my balance while doing multiple kicks with the same leg (double side kicks and hook kick/round kick combos seem to be current favorites). Mr. R says its not just balance, it's also conditioning the muscles and building the strength to keep the leg up. I have to admit that my legs felt like rubber walking off the mat tonight. I changed my contract there - for slightly more a month, I can do not only TKD, but also Haganah, Weapons, XMA and cardio kickboxing. Basically, any night that I have free, there would be at least one class available. This will help a lot when we get into the performance schedule. The new schedule starts next week, and I'm sure I'll take too much advantage of it while I'm still free of rehearsals. I said something about planning on being very sore next week, and Sir asked if I'd want it any other way. Nope! I'd rather be sore or injured from a sport or activity than die of a heart attack from sitting on the couch! Sir also promised that starting this Wednesday we'd start doing board breaks every class. I can't wait to find out what my new break is!

I not only did not make it to knitting this morning, I've barely knit at all this week. I've done a few more inches on the leg of the second Felici sock, and that's about it. I got the stitch markers in from Craftylily (HSS2 pal, if you're here, turn your head now!):

They're very pretty and I really like them. (I could not get a closer pic to turn out for ANYTHING, sorry!) I didn't realize there were only three to a set, though. I hope Pal likes them! Now I just need to get the socks finished and I'll have the whole package put together!

In other news, I got all my hair chopped off today! Finally! It's honestly even a little shorter than I had planned, more of a smooth cap than the more choppy pixie cut I was looking for, but that's okay. It does not get in my face during class, and that's all that really matters. I'll get a pic up soon. I'm stalling, as I also got my eyelids burned while I was getting them waxed today, not to mention that I'm sweaty and stuff from class.

Four more days until Becki and Amanda get here!!!! I really need to do laundry and clean the place up!

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