Saturday, February 16, 2008


Look! He's starting to get hair!

I knitted a furry blob!

Oh, THAT'S what it's supposed to look like! (Unfelted and unstuffed)
He's sitting on my ball winder, which can't be comfortable! Anyway, the knitting is finished, I just have to felt him, stuff him, and get him sewn up. I think I'll go up to SLO tonight (because I, for once, have nothing better to do on a Saturday night) and hit Barnes and Noble to find a cute baby-sized book to go with it. Preferably a story about a blue hedgehog, but I'm not picky...any animal will do. It's so nice to have a gift pretty much finished two weeks early! And other than looking and feeling (I imagine) like Muppet pelt, the fun fur wasn't TOO terrible to work with, although I can't imagine a new knitter trying to use it!

I also got my Ravenclaw yarn yesterday in the mail, but since I was finishing the Huggy up, I haven't done anything with it. It looks pretty and feels soft, though. I might try the Elodea socks with it, using the striping pattern by itself instead of the two colors. We'll see how it works.

My arm is feeling better today, but I did end up sitting out of both kickboxing and sparring last night. I went in during kickboxing to talk to Sir, but apparently Baby S was sick, so Sir stayed home with him. Ma'am and I both sat and watched sparring, though. We thought maybe between the two of us we could spar someone - I could kick and she could punch - but Mrs. S thought there were already too many people on the mat and we might scare someone if we teamed up. Sigh. Small crowd at Klondikes, just me, Ma'am, Mr. C, and TKD Grandma w/ her grandson. Mrs. S goes next week to test for her fourth degree, so next week will be a little different than usual (including me teaching again!), but it will be fun to hear about the test when she gets back. She won't know if she passed or not until the next week.

No class on Monday because of Presidents' Day, but I have to work auditions anyway. The days off will be good for my arm, and I can still work on my forms for Wednesday. Maybe Tuesday Sir and I can work on my training schedule.

(Oh, and I updated my 100 Things About Me. A lot has happened in two years, wow!)

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Kim said...

I love the blue hedgehog! I have the pattern but haven't gotten around to making it yet. I did knit once with fun fur - yucky to rip out, not too bad to knit with, and awful for a beginner! Other than if you made a mistake (or even dropped a stitch) no one could tell.