Thursday, February 14, 2008

Licking My Wounds

I broke myself in FIGHT tonight =( Morgan and Sir think I might have hyper-extended my right elbow during defense. It twinged once early in class, then really yelled when I was working with Craig, a new guy. I was able to shake it off and come back into class that time. Then we did knife sparring. I can knife fight left-handed against most of the guys, but not against Morgan. He got me really good across my right wrist, which hurt like hell. Luckily, I could do the rest of the drills with just my left hand, although my elbow started twinging again and Sir said it looked a little swollen. He made me take an ice pack on my way out, and I'm continuing to ice it tonight. Both the wrist and the elbow still really hurt, and I'm really hoping it's just tired from over work this week and will be okay for tomorrow. Even if it isn't, I'm going in to talk to Sir tomorrow and come up with a plan to keep me working when I go back into rehearsal. And I'm definitely getting pizza!

On a much more pleasant note, my expectant friend had her baby today! Adelaide Grace entered the world seven weeks early, but everyone is doing fine and she's a beauty! We just weren't ready for her yet! None of us have our gifts ready, so she'll just get her California luvin' when she's a bit older and hopefully settled at home in Indiana. But yay, a healthy baby!

We had a single-ladies' ice-cream bash this afternoon for Valentine's Day at one of the acting interns' houses. It was very fun! I think AJ might have pics soon!

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