Sunday, February 24, 2008

I learned some things this week...

1. That not posting for a week will prompt emails and phone calls verifying that I am, in fact, alive.

2. Bernat CottonTots is actually a pretty darn good yarn. It's surprisingly soft and easy to work with, given the fact that it's a worsted weight 100% cotton. I've always been reluctant to use cotton for baby blankets, thinking it wouldn't be warm or soft enough, but I didn't find a superwash wool in the colorway I was looking for, and I've always felt a little guilty using acrylic for baby blankets because of the whole "in case there's a fire, acrylic will melt onto skin" thing. But this stuff is good. Yay! I'm doing a simple, quick dishcloth baby blanket for Miss Adelaide. It has a 5-stitch border and I'm going to increase until I have 126 stitches between the borders before starting the second half. I'm at a little over 80sts right now, so I still have a bit, but I think it will done pretty quickly.

3. It is damn near impossible to find non-googly and non-stick-on animal eyes and noses in these parts. I went to the local Michaels, the Beverly's up in SLO, Betty's Fabrics, and the Beverly's here before finally finding both the eyes AND the nose. But the mission was eventually successful, and Huggy got felted (twice!) today. Now he has his prelim stuffing in while he dries, but he's blind and noseless. I'm hoping to get him completely finished tomorrow. He's already pretty darn cute, though. I found a baby book about a group of monsters celebrating another monster's birthday, and that seemed appropriate enough to go with it.
4. As a result of the search for various facial features, I learned that while Betty's still is not the ideal LYS, and probably won't be until they both act like they know what they're talking about and stop acting like I must not know anything about knitting since I'm not over 60, they are currently carrying three or four different colorways of this:
Kureyon Sock. I got a skein just because I could, frankly. It's terribly rough and course in the skein, it's not superwash, and I don't really like Noro that much anyway, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this, but it's pretty. It's actually a very similar colorway to Mom's Booga Bag made several years ago, but seems to be sans the magenta.

5. It takes forever and a day (okay, a little over 16 hours) to burn a video DVD.

6. Helen Mirren wore the only really stunning-in-a-good-way gown to the Oscars tonight. The current "in" colors of pale metallics are not flattering on anyone, particularly when they wear pale lipstick as well. 90% of the women looked deathly pale and colorless. Very sad. (And we approve of Chrissy's new bf.)

7. The dojahng got repainted this weekend. I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow! (Me, Mel, and Mr. R knew painters were coming over the weekend, but didn't expect to see them already there, set up, and working when we walked back to our cars from Klondikes' Friday night!) On a related note, I also learned exactly why it takes three judges to score a sparring round in a tournament. I taught kickboxing on Friday, but sat out of sparring because my arm was bothering me again and I had to ice it. Mel and I had our own gimp-section at the desk during sparring, but Mr. R called me out and asked me to judge the adults during a King of the Mat drill. (I don't know quite why - there were at least two other higher-ranking belts in the class - I guess he wanted them to spar and not have to sit out to judge.) There is no way one judge can see every hit or block - yikes! I tried to be as fair and accurate as possible, but I'm sure I missed some!

8. My elbow is bothering me again and I didn't do anything with it All Weekend! =( TKD doesn't seem to bother it very much, but kickboxing seems to. I hate to even think it, but I might have to take it easier than usual this week and sit out of a few classes. I only have two more weeks that I can do this! I don't want to give this time up while I have it!

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