Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The good news is that Godspell is open and is a pretty darn cool show. The bad news is that I have been so bloody tired that I haven't done a whole heck of a lot other than sleep and clean since. (I know this question comes up every show, but who the hell decided that having understudy rehearsals AND a matinee the day after Opening was a good idea? Obviously people who have not had to work 16 hour days for the past week just to get the damn show open!)

I really really really wanted to go to knitting on Monday morning, too, but I just could not wake up. I finally got up around noon, cleaned for a bit, went up to SLO and got the final pieces of Chrissy's birthday present, and came home and crashed again. Seriously crashed - I didn't even attempt or want to attempt going to class last night. That's how freaking tired I was. For the first time in over a year, there was absolutely nothing to convince me that class that night was a good idea for anyone involved. So I didn't go. (Of course, I regret it now, but I still think it was probably the right call.)

I did get my apartment cleaned (finally) and put the fresh, new, pretty spring-colored sheets that I splurged on my bed. (I probably have more sets of sheets and comforters and quilts and general bed coverings than anyone I know. I splurge about once a year on a new set. It's a weakness, but hey, if you're going to make any room of your house gorgeous and relaxing and comfortable, it might as well be your bedroom, right?) I woke up this morning without feeling like I'd forgotten something totally important and earth-shattering on the show for the first time all week, although the songs that are constantly in my head when I wake up are really starting to get irritating.

Today was Chrissy's birthday, so we had a Wizard of OZ marathon party at her place this afternoon and then she, Aleah, and I went up to Sycamore Springs for a soak, wine, and girl talk (which translates into yet another evening of not going to class, sigh!). It was soo relaxing, though, and fun - usually we have to be all professional and whatnot when we're together at work, so it was nice to gab about boys and gossip and girly things. I'm not usually that girly, but it's nice once in a while.

Oh, and the sort-of date Saturday was okay, although I haven't really talked to him since, and have been trying not to be the pestering girl who calls afterwards. He said something about wanting to do dinner soon, but the ball's in his court now. Knowing my luck, he'll want to do something tomorrow evening, and there is NO WAY I am skipping a third night of class in a row.

Now off to bed, as I have an understudy rehearsal in the morning (you have no idea how much I absolutely detest understudy rehearsals right now!).


Kim said...

I think we're coming to see Godspell on Saturday! =) Rest up, Katie!

Kim said...

Darn it, I said something and that jinxed it. Plans have fallen through....