Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Good to Be Home

Man, I've missed my guys. I walk in to FIGHT for the first time in almost two months and (besides the catcalls) get:

Shane: Well, well, look who's here! Our better half!
Frank: I have died and gone to heaven - an angel is here! It's good to have you home!
Zach: It's been too long!

Sir told me I could hit them extra hard, although he gave me a squeeze later, too =) A couple of new guys started tonight and I'm pretty sure we totally confused them. Being in class felt soo good, although I could definitely feel it. Got to break in my new boxing gloves, too.

The guys all asked if I was coming back on Thursday. Three classes yesterday, FIGHT tonight, three classes tomorrow, two on Thursday. I told them if I can still walk, I'll be there. (Zach understood.) Sir's response? "You'll be there. You'll be walking. You're hardcore."

The only bad thing? My elbow hurts again =(

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otter said...

Friends can always lift your spirits. Sounds like a great group.