Thursday, April 03, 2008

A very quick update

My week so far has been exhausting, and it's only Wednesday.

Monday was spent running errands, watching the Cubbies lose in extra innings on Opening Day (yes Mom, I did get to see Fukudome's home run. I also got to see my beloved Kerry Wood struggle spectacularly =P ), kickboxing, and tkd (no instructor class). I had to get my new uniform ordered - they didn't have heavy weight leadership uniforms in my size in stock - so no pics of it yet.

Yesterday was all about meetings and admin changing things on us and rehearsal. I also got the honor of seriously upsetting one of my interns (understandably, but a job's a job), which did not make the end of the day any better. I ended up going to Chrissy's for a glass of wine and venting for a while afterwards.

Today was less about meetings and more about rehearsal, although I was able to make it to kickboxing (which was desperately needed). We have all but, like, a page left to stage, but we do move into the space on Friday and tomorrow night's rehearsal MUST be a run through for the designers and crew. There are only so many hours in a day, sadly. I have a dreadful feeling that Friday is going to turn into another triple rehearsal day, even though the director and I are already booked for the second half of paper tech on Friday morning. We'll see.

And now, off to bed, since I have to be up for paper tech tomorrow morning. At least they didn't have rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, so I can come home and nap if needed. I do have to stop by the dojahng, though, to drop off Mel's birthday card and see if they have any of the old beat up bahng mahng ees left for sale.

Mel: You're here on your dinner break?! You give up eating to be here?!
Me: No, I eat small stuff throughout the day (although I wasn't very smart about it today) so I don't need a big meal over dinner breaks. Besides, on days like today, punching something is very necessary.
Mel: Punching something is very necessary on most days.

Me: Mrs. S! Can I ask a question about my new form?
Mrs. S: The one you started learning Monday?
Me: Yeah
Mrs. S: Not if it's one of your anal questions. It's too early to be that picky already.
Me: No, it's just a "which way do I turn to get into this move" question. Is that okay?
Mrs. S: Oh. Then yeah.

TKD Grandma: Katie!
Me: Yes?
TKD Grandma: Are you coming Friday?
Me: No, I have to work. I have to work every Friday until the end of May.
TKD Grandma: We miss you! Come back!

I love being around people who speak my language.

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otter said...

I love the fact that you're hanging around people who know you and love you. (wink) And also that you're learning that you need to vent and release stress in different ways. Wine & kickboxing, whatever works.

Love you,