Monday, April 07, 2008

I CAN has...!

This post has been about a week in the making. I keep adding things to it, but was too lazy to put in pictures until this morning. The only knitting I've done lately is to get almost done with the heel on the second HSS3 sock (which is supposed to be finished and sent out by the end of next week), so if you're here for knitting content, you might want to move on...

1. ...panini! The Easter bunny brought me a new Griddler!

I used to have one of those small George Foreman electric grils, which was great. I literally used it to death, even though it was a pain to clean. This one is much bigger, can be used as a griddle, panini press, or grill, and totally dishwasher safe. I broke it in by making homemade quesadillas the other night. Yummy!!

2. ...clean clothes! The uniforms and bags haven't come in yet, but some of the new tshirts have!

Mrs. S gave me one of the new generic tshirts (the ones with all three classes listed acrosss them) because I "help teach. We think of you as staff here." and I got one of the new kickboxing shirts as part of my package payment this month. I thought that was really sweet of them. They are trying to weed out any and all ties to ATA now, including the old tshirts. They're helping that by giving the instructors and long-time students some price breaks on new gear. It's nice. And the new logo is much cooler than the ATA one:

3. socks!!! The package from my HSS3 pal arrived!!!
It is awesome! The socks fit perfectly! They are so comfy! She also threw in some extra treats, including the Bellatrix socks pattern, some candy, some soap, some truly gorgeous stitch markers, and set of KnitPicks Harmony dpns!! She even threw in a couple things of dye, which I have never tried before, but sounds like a fun way to make a mess!

4. ...a date for Opening! (Sort of. Obviously no pictures of that, since it hasn't happened yet!)

There are 72 hours in a weekend. I spent 43.5 of them working. That left only 28.5 hours for things like sleeping, bathing, taking care of the kitty, talking to friends, reading blogs, etc. Needless to say, sleeping came in last on the list. We finally finished teching the show Tuesday night (another glass of wine with Chrissy was in order - the Finale is totally awesome, but very very scary to call!), ran it twice yesterday (another drink was offered by a cute guy afterwards, how could I turn that down?), are working notes this afternoon, and then we have our first paying preview audience tonight! Wow! It's going to be about two hours including intermission, which is really short for us! Chrissy is jealous - she always gets the monster three hour plus shows. I get the really short but insanely complicated shows. It works out. Godspell will be fantastic, though. I still have a couple of timing issues to work out with the call, but I don't think the LD and the director are ready to kill me yet, so that's a plus.

Have to stop by the dojahng this afternoon and drop off Sir's birthday card. Tomorrow I'll have to check in about the demo. I'm supposed to help with it on Saturday afternoon, so I really hope that the director stays true to tradition and doesn't make us work the afternoon before Opening. Still no new uniforms or bags, but kickboxing has been HUGE lately! We need the new bags to come in (and not just for me!)! We've had all of the school's bags out, plus both Bobs (the human shaped punching bags), and all of them were at least doubled or tripled up! It's great! Sir is also going to add a second instructor class during the week (I'm still not completely convinced that I was the best choice to lead the blue belt form during instructor class when that's the form I JUST started learning for regular class, but it did force me to go through the whole thing step by step), so starting next week, I'm hoping to be back up to nine classes. (It helps that the sort-of date cute guy has rehearsals of his own next week in the evenings!) Only a few days left of my exile! I still miss sparring, though.

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