Monday, April 28, 2008

The weather hates me and other random things...

This time yesterday, it was 80 degrees, sunny, perfect beach weather. Today it is is 65, sunny, with a cool breeze - still a nice day, but certainly not perfect beach weather. And I really wanted to go to the beach today. Sigh. My only consolation is that I'm sure the rest of the county also figured it was perfect beach weather over the weekend, so the beach and parking was probably crowded. Oh well.

On a happier note, I do have some knitting to report, although no pics. (This is a knitting blog, isn't it?) The HSS3 socks are almost finished and ready to be sent off. Only two weeks late, sigh. I've also been working on the Boatneck Bluebell again lately. I'm about a third done with the second sleeve, so I'm hoping it will be done soon, too. I'll get pics of them both. I'm having a terrible case of startitis lately and am fighting the urge to start about twenty new projects. The preview of the Summer IK issue didn't help - I really want that Drawstring Raglan now! I might even see if I can splurge and get the actual yarn used instead of substituting anything. We'll see. I think the next actual project, though, is going to be a beret to match my fingerless gloves. I will need them in Solvang! I'll cast on for that once I finish the socks, I think. I also got the pattern for the Curve of Pursuit afghan, which I am thinking about using as a baby blanket for some friends who are due over the summer.

In real life news, the first week back at class was fantastic. I even have bruises again from knife sparring on Thursday! My muscles absolutely got tired - I am definitely not in the shape I was before rehearsals started - but I was never sore, which surprised me. I've found a brace for my elbow that I really like. It's sort of Z-shaped when laid flat, and then wraps around above and below the elbow. I've been wearing it in Haganah and kickboxing, and it seems to help in class, although my elbow still hurts at random times throughout the day. Sometimes it throbs for a while, and sometimes it just flashes a pain and goes away. I put some ice on it and/or take one of the anti-inflammatory meds. I'm not sure if it really helps or not, but it makes me think I'm doing something about it.

I also hung out with the cute guy again last week. We're both far too busy for anything right now, but he's definitely a fun guy to hang out with.

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otter said...

Good, I'm glad you're doing something about your elbow. I hope the wrap helps.