Monday, June 02, 2008

Happiness is...

...spending an absolutely gorgeous Sunday afternoon at the park playing frisbee with children, and volleyball and touch football with friends (including the guy you went out and had dinner with the night before!). Most people think the company barbecue at the beginning of summer is kind of a drag, and don't stay very long. These are the people who think that a barbecue somehow involves sitting around, chatting about work and looking pretty. I don't do that so well - why talk about work when you're not there? - and the resulting sunburn and splitting headache that accompanies it are completely worth it. They were still playing football when I forced myself (and, by guilt trip, my actors) to leave at 4:00p, so that I could get a shower in before our 5:00p rehearsal. That whole work thing is so inconvenient sometimes! We did get out of rehearal early, though, and Cute Guy, me, and a few of the cast went over to Applebees afterward to hang out for a while, so that was fun, too.

The show is going well, though, and we move to Solvang and start tech again on Tuesday. I'm testing today for my recommended black belt (a half red/half black belt) and wearing my new dobok formally for the first time. I've worked in it at home, and washed it 500 times it feels like, but it is still so bloody stiff that I'm really really nervous about testing in it. Plus, it's going to feel like hell on the sunburn. I might bring my old uniform with me, just in case he'll let me use that one instead.

Boy venting behind the cut. No idea what's really going on with me and Cute Guy right now. We've both been busy this week in rehearsal - me trying to help teach the new cast members the show, and him being a new cast member and trying to learn the show - but we did get some time off for good behaviour Saturday night, so he and I went up to the new Chili's in AG. It's small, but it's fun, and the food was really good! The place was busy (it was a Saturday night, I guess), but we were able to snag a table in the bar area, and our waitress was great. I can recommend the margaritas, too. It was cool - the two of us actually got to sit and talk about things like religion and philosophy and politics (a little, I'm not very well versed in politics, sadly) and sports (he's not a die-hard Cub fan, sadly, but he can support them). It was a really nice evening. But then when other people are around, it's like he wants people to know we're friends but anything more than that is taboo, which is a little irritating and hurtful. I totally understand and support it not showing in the rehearsal room - that space is sacred and professional. It's just irritating because there's a difference between not broadcasting a relationship and keeping it a secret. And it's a little hurtful because it makes me wonder why he doesn't want people to know we've gone out. Sigh. Boys! We'll have to talk about this soon, though. I don't do well in states of flux and uncertainty. Mrph.

Other than that, not much going on. There should be a special circle of hell reserved for those who use jackhammers outside of bedroom windows at 8:00a on a Monday morning, and I need to get laundry done before my doctor's appointment (I'll finally get my elbow looked at!) and pray my dobok softens up more before the test!

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