Saturday, June 14, 2008


To correct an error in the previous post...

Um, I apparently can't count. I said I had nine rounds left on the blanket, thinking I had one round of yellow, four rounds of pink, and four rounds of blue left. Turns out, I had five - I was almost done with the pink, not the yellow. I'm now doing an applied I-cord bind off instead of a border, and while that is going slower than molasses and I am already bored with it, it DOES look pretty good. I'm hoping to finish binding off tomorrow.

We're opening a world premiere (The Heart's Desire) tomorrow night. Our straight plays never sell very well, but they are so beautiful. I won't actually get to see this one until Sunday afternoon, although I am planning to hit up the Opening party tomorrow night after the Godspell performance!

My 13th wasn't too bad, if you discount the fact that I put in a 15+ hour day (understudy rehearsal, a KCOY publicity broadcast, and a performance) and broke a fairly major set piece tonight. Now I'm finishing off a bottle of wine that Cute Guy and I opened a couple nights ago and curling up to go to sleep. How was yours?

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