Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm all moved into the new apartment. I'm not unpacked but I am moved. Small steps. Really, I just have to unpack my books and non-daily-use toiletries (why I even still have a hair dryer and curling iron is beyond me!), and figure out how I want to lay out my living room area. While I do have a new (and much much much more comfortable and bigger) futon now, that's really the only living room furniture I have. My desk looks absolutely tiny there. I am making a list of stuff I really want to save up to get, but the start of it is:

small dining table with at least two chairs
tv cart
living room bookcase(s)
artwork for the walls

I don't have internet yet at home (hopefully tonight I can sit down and get it all straightened out), which is driving me absolutely batty of course, so I've been watching some saved TV episodes (I really really recommend getting a computer with Windows Media Center on it and hooking it up to your tv. Seriously...being able to record shows to your computer is the most convenient thing ever. I can watch them on the computer when I don't have cable access, and I can convert them to .mp4 format so I can watch them on my Walkman on the bus. It's pretty darn cool. And you can also use it as your regular media player for watching live tv/dvds/listening to music/etc.) but I haven't really been knitting much. I've been trying to get things unpacked and the minute I sit down, I tend to not get back up again. And I'm still working on binding off that baby blanket. The I-cord looks really good, but honestly, it is The Most Tedious bind off EVER! It takes for-ev-er!

Didn't make it to class on Monday (moving pretty much wiped me out), but did get to go to FIGHT for the first time in about a month last night. Small class, two new people (one lady who said she really loved it! yay!), and it wasn't a very hard class, although my elbow still really does NOT like the plank! I ended up having to take another anti-inflammatory both after class last night and this morning. Bah!

Me: Sorry I didn't make it last night...
Sir: It must have been something major for you to not come in whenever you could right now.
Me: Moving?
Sir: Ah. Yes, that would be something major.

I love my instructors!

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