Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bored (Updated w/ Knitting)

1.) 100 Things About Me has been updated - things change in three years! Not a lot, though.

2.) I'm done with my first term as a graduate student! Yay! Grades for 604 are supposed to get posted next week, but I'm pretty sure I did at least okay on the paper/presentation and I think I only missed maybe nine points total on the final, so I'm not too worried. Dad and I were talking the other day and we both agreed that it's easier to focus as an "adult" taking classes - you're there because YOU want to be there for yourself, not because it's the next step in your life that you're expected to take.

3.) Small show coming up in Glendale on April 4th. It's not really a corporate deal, even though it's a private show - it's more like a promotional show, almost an audition. I guess these people are considering sending us to do a thing in Armenia for their company. It's super-tiny, and John admitted that he could easily do it all by himself, but he's calling the crew in anyway, mostly because it looks sleeker for him to be The Boss and have People supporting him. And, we get paid and get to hang out, so we're not complaining. I'm harassing him about going down next week - he's taking my baby (Watertight) completely apart and I want to be there! He doesn't know what his schedule is going to be yet, though, so I'm being as patient as I can be.

4.) I'm applying for lots of temp jobs, although there aren't many in this area, so I have actually started applying for stuff down in the LA area, including a temporary clerical position at Northrup - Grummond, a big aerospace company. We'll see.

5.) Apparently, posting perfectly innocent song lyrics results in five emails, two comments, and one phone call wanting to know what's going on or, more specifically, what his name is. Trust me, my love life is NOT that exciting! Yeah, there's a guy I like, no, I don't think he's into me at all, and even if he was, he's off-limits, so it's all good =)

6.) One reason studying has been so hard:

(and why cat hair gets all over my keyboards). He does this every time I get my books out!

7.) Now you see it:

Now you don't:

The first two suits are done, and I decided to block it on the needles to get a better idea of how it was going to measure up. It's a bit narrow - only 5" wide - but is already slightly over 24" long, so one foot per symbol will make for an 8' long scarf. That's acceptable. I already like the two color idea so much better than trying to use white as the background! (The symbols are much clearer irl than they are in the photos - when sitting at my desk looking over at it on the table, they are very clear.) I'm also changing the order to spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds (the original pattern has it as spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs), because a.) I think alternating the colors looks better aesthetically and b.) because that's how I was always taught the suits were ranked anyway. But, at any rate, I like it so far.

Gotta run out to the base and try to get my ID today. Gonna stop in at the temp agencies, too! I'm So Bored without a job!

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Christina said...

My dad worked for Northrop (pre-N-G) back in the day. He was Project Tool Designer for the YF-17, the prototype of what later became the F-18. Still have a picture of its first touchdown somewhere around here.