Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So...apparently I am going to Basic in May (as originally planned), or possibly sooner (they just need to confirm that I took and passed my space flight physical, which should happen by the end of this week, and then I can ship out any time), now. Which, honestly, is a Good Thing, because I was really getting nervous about where rent/bill money for that month was going to come from. And, May/June in Texas is slightly more appealing than July/August/September, frankly. And, there's absolutely no point in moving for a month, only to have to pack up and put everything in storage (plus, it'd be hard on the cat, and we all know who is REALLY in charge here!). Sir is happy about this. John is not. Of course, I'll still need a place to live for the three months between the end of Basic and the beginning of tech school. And some means of paying for that. But now I have time to look at some options.

There might be another big show in LA in early July (hopefully not TOO early in July, I want to be back in time!), so that should help. John called today and asked if I could come down early on Wednesday (we have a rehearsal scheduled for that evening for the show on Saturday) and tour the potential theater with him. We'll see how it goes. I sent him an email explaining the whole not moving/going to Basic earlier thing, but he hasn't responded other than to ask me if I was still planning on doing any apartment hunting while I was down there on Wednesday.

The potential problem is that my current (sort of, we haven't met yet) ERAU class doesn't end until mid-May. Gonna have to figure that one out with the instructor. Might have to take an incomplete and retake the class - it's past the refund date. We'll see.

Oh, and the 148th and 216th are fighting over me. It's fun. Because of the show this weekend, I couldn't do the scheduled drill shifts, so I did mine this past week. It's a pain to get up to the 148th w/o the clearances and badges, and there's really nothing to do up there w/o those either, so I spent two days working with a lieutenant and a staff sergeant, putting together instructor training manuals for the 216th. The lieutenant started the "Can we keep her?? Pleeeeease?" thing with my recruiter, and the staff sergeant already has other projects he wants me specifically to help with. My recruiter listed for them all the reasons I had to go with the 148th (something about imminent, slow, and painful execution by the colonel up there topped the list) and proceeded to map out my career path for me:
TSgt: "She's going up to the 148th to get some experience, then she'll come down here and work JSpOC for a while, then she'll move over to the range unit when it stands up."
Me: "Yeah, because I have ANY say in this whatsoever."
TSgt: "Psh. Yeah, you think you're moving to LA, too. I want you to stay local."
Don't know why it matters to him, as long as I do my training and all the shifts I am able to (not just my required ones), but it's nice to know.

On the REALLY plus side, I have bruised and bloody knuckles from doing kickboxing and tkd tonight (first time I've made it to kickboxing in AGES, we'll see how well I walk tomorrow!), did NOT kill the tweenybopper who flinched every time I so much as moved in class tonight (although I might have threatened him a little. Sir slapped him upside the head, though, so I think the threat was okay), got in "trouble" with Mrs. S for goofing off with Sir during kickboxing (he started it), my forms felt REALLY good tonight (maybe I CAN do this stuff!), I got some music stuff figured out on the computer (more music for long drives), got my textbook and the first assignments for my 511 class (Remote Sensing and Observation - another term paper/presentation. Yay =P), AND I get to go down to LA and hang out with my crew TWICE this week!


Kathleen C. said...

If I recall correctly texas in May/June is quite nice! Full on Spring blooms and green and not too hot...

Kim said...

Sounds awesome, Kadiddly! So nice to see good news from somewhere! It's really good to be wanted that much!