Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stood up!

Well, not really. John, of course, had the decency to call me today and tell me that the theater tour tomorrow had gotten canceled and he didn't want me to drive all the way down just for the rehearsal with the girls and new guy tomorrow night. (It bothers him that I drive so much. Far more than it bothers me, which is weird.) Instead, I was informed that I WOULD be spending the night on Saturday after the show, and that way we could have breakfast, clean Osmosis and get it ready for shipping, play in the warehouse for a while, and maybe finish watching that rehearsal video together (I'll believe it when I see it) on Sunday. Not that he had anything planned or anything, though =P

The bad part is that I don't get to hang out with everyone tomorrow night =( (Which, frankly, is one of the reasons John wants me to just live down there.) The awesome thing is that it means I can go to all three classes tomorrow night. Kickboxing felt so good the other day, and my legs weren't sore at all from it today. In fact, actually, it was my upper back and upper arms that were sore and stiff for some reason. Mr. R thinks it had nothing to do with kickboxing - he said it was probably the boxing drills we did in tkd last night. Apparently he and Sir went to a boxing seminar over the weekend. I noticed them focusing on slightly different footwork during the drills than normal, but never dreamed it would make THAT much of a difference! We did similar drills tonight in FIGHT, so we'll see how tomorrow goes. I really just want to play with the jahng bahngs again...

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