Monday, July 17, 2006

Doncha Just Hate It When That Happens?

When you're already emotionally invested in one project, as a gift no less, and you're nearing the deadline for it, and THEN you find that PERFECT pattern that you wish you had had two months ago when you were first trying to figure out what you wanted to make?

I've been working on the Log Cabin for my friend Becki, who is getting married Aug. 12, driving myself nuts trying to get squares done when it's a pain in the butt to pick up stitches in Homespun, and then, I open my email this morning to find this pattern. (I know Lion Brand can be picky. You may have to register or sign in to see the pattern.) It's gorgeous. I love it. It would be a simple, quick knit. I love the design of it. It would be a PERFECT wedding gift for Becki. But now I've already started the Log Cabin, which I don't like at all. Well, okay, that's not true. I do like it, but it's going much slower than I had anticipated and to me it still feels and looks a little wonky. Such torment! What to do?? This is what I have done so far of the Log Cabin:

Yup. Two full squares and one that is about 3/4 done on the needles. That's it. I had another square almost done, but I was playing around with a way of keeping the stitches live. I had this inane idea that if I could keep the edge stitches live, then I could graft the whole thing together (no, kitchener stitch does not bother or scare me). But it's much more trouble than it's worth, and then I didn't have the yarn to bind it off properly, so the whole square got frogged. I might have to make a trip to Michaels today and see if they have any Wool-Ease Chunky....

Oh, and I really really wanted to have these

done for Solvang this week. But now this stupid afghan is getting to me. I'm so close on the socks! I turned the heel of the second one yesterday after desperately needing a break from picking up stitches. The STR is very nice, btw, but I think the Bearfoot is still my favourite. I'm pondering doing either Pomatomus or April Fool's Day socks next. Both are cuff-down, which will not really be a first, but definitely not a comfortable technique for me. The April Fool's would be easy enough to convert to toe-up, but I should really bite the bullet and learn. I also want to try a real heel flap and gusset.

And, because I can:

He looks like the grumpiest cat, ever, eh? =)

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Jo said...

Kadiddly, DROP the Log Cabin and go for that gorgeous Lion Brand throw. You can always go back to the LC another time. It was no accident that new pattern came to you! (I bet you've been to Michael's already by now, and don't need my advice). Oh to have a Michael's within 500 miles! (We don't have any such luxuries here in Ireland). What's with all these April Fool and whatever socks? I'm still trying to figure out my first pair ever (and no, that does not include the Figure of 8 cast on...)