Thursday, July 06, 2006 totally got stood up by Steve on the Fourth, who then seemed baffled and ticked when I chewed him out for it. Again, what is it with males?? I ended up going up to Pismo Beach with a bunch of other techs (Steve included, was a weird day) and hanging out on the beach for a while, drinking and watching the fireworks off the pier and the amatuers along the beach. The fireworks were nice. I told Steve that the next move was his - I was not going to contact him or do anything, as I'm obviously so much of a distraction to him that it's confusing him more (his words). Haven't seen or talked to him since. His loss.

Teddie and I have worked out a decent compromise. He sleeps during the day in his little kitty bed that I have put in the cabinet under the sink. It gives him a safe and comfy hidey hole, and I know where he is. When I am home in the evenings or late afternoons, we chat and he'll eventually come out to the sound of my voice and cuddle with me. He's agreed to wear his collar and looks very handsome. He'd probably come out more during the day, but it's hard to talk to an empty room after a while. He gets fed dry food in the morning and a small can of wet food when I go to bed. It seems to work for us.

I have done several more rows of the Rogue hood, and am about half done with the leg of the first Cloverleaf sock. I did the first square of the Log Cabin afghan, as well. My sock yarns keep talking to me, though, particularly the Berry Pickin' from Spunky Eclectic. It somehow magically wound itself into a ball the other night, and is now teasing me. I may have to go back to doing a pair of those at the same time, as I think my size 1's would be best for that yarn. I might get really really bold and try a pair of cuff-down socks and even a real heel and flap. I love my short row heels, but one should always branch out and learn new techniques. Besides, as much as I hate picking up stitches, I ALWAYS seem to be ending up with a project that requires it anyway. I think I will finish the first Cloverleaf and CO for the second, and then CO the Berry Pickin for some April Fool's socks.

Oh, I do have today off and have been really good about cleaning up the place and doing laundry and all that nonsense. I do have to stop by the office, though, and pick up my book for Dames so I can get some prep work done early for it. I don't really trust my ASM to do it correctly, and...I will be in VEGAS for the weekend before we start rehearsals! So, two weeks from today, I will be on the road with John (the magician I SM for when he has gigs) heading to Vegas, where he is taking care of my room and some compensation from Thursday until Sunday! We have a very very small show on Friday at the Stardust, but it should be very easy and I'll have the rest of the weekend in Vegas with a group of people I consider friends! I cannot wait!

Think I'm gonna head down to Solvang and see Beauty and the Beast tonight, as it will be one of the last times I'll be able to catch it. If you know anyone who is coming to the Central Coast, tell them about Anna in the Tropics here at PCPA. The audiences have LOVED it - every single house we've had so far has been on its feet during curtain call - but since it isn't a big name musical, we're having poor ticket sales here at the Marian. Solvang is supposedly selling better, but then, down there, most of our audience are the tourists, whereas up here, they are mostly locals. Anyway, gotta go finish laundry and get some warm clothes out for tonight!


Amie said...

Boys are stupid.


They just flat out suck.

Coleen said...

My friends and I came up with a philosophy when we were in college. It still works well today. "Men suck. And if you forget, they will remind you."

Kadiddly said...

I can totally get behind that philosophy right now. Oddly, most of my guy friends are encouraging me not to give up on him, where most of my girl friends are of the opposite mentality. Strange things, relationships. Give me knitting any time!