Sunday, July 02, 2006


So Anna opened last night to very positive reviews. We weren't really sure how the show would go over in this particular community, but all of the feedback we've heard so far has been very positive. I must confess, I didn't really like the show myself when I first read it and we started working on it, but it has really grown on me. There are some really beautiful and powerful moments, and I think that if the audience is willing to come, they will really identify with the story. That, and I had a really great dress for the party afterwards and made Steve and a few other guys drool. So that was fun, too =) (No, I'm really not above petty vanity sometimes!)

Teddie has been far more social lately. I generally know where he is now, and he even came out and laid up on the bed with me last night and stayed even when I wasn't petting him. We've tried to block under the stove, though, so he can't get to that hidey hole anymore. He's definitely a night owl, which works out well for me. The only conflicts we've had recently has been the fact that he wants me to wake up at six or seven in the morning to give him attention. I don't think he realizes that I don't get to sleep all day like he does. Oh well. This coming week will be better, since I will be in performance schedule and be home more.

Still working on the Cloverleaf sock. Did a few more rows of the Rogue hood. For some reason, this hood is just DRAGGING and I can barely bring myself to work on it. It's not difficult knitting, in fact, most of it is stockinette. Maybe I'll sit down with it tomorrow and just bang it out. I really want to get to the sleeves, for some reason. I was trying to wait for Cara to start her Log Cabin KAL, but since I have a deadline on this, I started mine a bit early. Maybe she'll still let me play. I haven't quite finished my first square yet, but I probably could today if I work on it during the show. Binding off loosely is a very important skill for this particular pattern, I've learned. Otherwise, I can't pick up the stitches again in the dark booth! I'm using three colours of Homespun that I had in my stash - Cobalt (blue/purple), Florida Keys (green), and Covered Bridge (red). Not a combination that I would naturally pick out, but I kind of like it. Far more colourful that pretty much everything else I'm knitting right now. I keep switching back and forth between the Cloverleaf and the afghan square for show knitting.

One matinee today, then understudy rehearsal tonight (which should go fairly quickly) and then TWO days off! We are getting Tuesday off because of the Fourth (the Equity folk decided that they would rather have the Fourth as their day off, so many of them are actually in rehearsal or performance tomorrow, which is strange), but because I'm in a performance schedule right now, and Anna doesn't have a show or rehearsal tomorrow, I get Monday off as well! Yay!


Coleen said...

woo hoo! Days off! I get them too, though we aren't equity. Enjoy your 4th!

Warrior Knitter said...

On the Rogue . . . Fran (the famous Fran from KR) suggested a technique that works for me. Work on it 10 minutes a day or at a time until it's done. It's only 10 minutes & you can knit on practically anything for 10 minutes!

Amie said...

Thoughts on Teddie - you should only feed him when you really want him awake. The food itself will calm him (well, feeding makes them drool, drooling makes them groom, grooming soothes them and makes them relaxed and sleepy) but if you feed him in the morning, he will remember and make sure you're awake to do it again. Trust me. I live with the two finest alarm clocks you've ever met. You might feed him right before you go to work, if you have any kind of set time, so that he has something to occupy him and calm him when you're gone.

You should be talking to him all the time, and using his name frequently, especially around feeding or cuddle time, so it's associated with good things. Some cats are remarkably silent, some cats talk for a specific reason (this is Aslan, if you ask a question, he meows in response, and if something is out of place, he'll let you know) and some cats just talk for the love of sound (Trevor "self-narrates" - he talks to let you know he's walking down the hall, he talks to let you know he's coming back up the hall, and he talks because he likes the echo a that certain spot in the hall...)

If he's not a talker, you'll need to pay extra attention to the body language, but cats are SO expressive, it won't take long for things to be very clear!

Don't tell Oscar I said this, but cats are SO much cooler than dogs. You're in for a treat...