Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Whore!

Yes, we've discussed this in the past, and yes, again I was unable to control the urge to start a new project in lieu of a current one. I did indeed start the Chunky Diagonal Throw (the Lion Brand pattern I linked to the other day) on Monday. And I'm not sorry in the slightest. I already have one full strip done and am starting the fourth stripe on the second one. That's almost the same amount of work in about half the time. So, I'm validated, see? Of course, I haven't gotten any work done on anything else, but who cares? Same three colors as the Log Cabin, along with a sunny yellow and white to balance it out. It's actually quite pretty and colourful, and I can't wait to get it done so I can admire it before I give it to Becki. I may have to make another one for myself afterwards. Pics will be up soon. I have another idea for a future Log Cabin that I already like better, but will have to get this one done first, and soon, as the wedding is August 12!

Thanks for the feedback on the sweater. Again, there would definitely be some modifications to it - I would probably not do the center strips quite so high in the boob diamonds (if I did them at all), I would change the sleeves slightly, and I might try to do it in the round, as well. Gotta finish Rogue first, and I don't have nearly enough cotton for that sweater, so will have to save up and get some. I think my next sweatery project will be that Pinwheel Sweater/Jacket over at Elann.

Anna's done in Santa Maria and the Solvang tech is going extremely well. I will have to go back down with them tomorrow and Saturday, and then pop down once or twice a week, if I can. I currently have no ASM for Dames, which starts rehearsals on Tuesday, so I'm kind of busy right now. I'm hoping the work will distract me sufficiently to not worry about other such petty things as relationships. I'm pretty sure the only males a girl can depend on are her daddy and her cat. Maybe a brother, but little brothers are strange things. Yarn helps, too =)

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