Thursday, May 03, 2007

Really Big Miters and other stuff...

Okay, so I've been thinking about doing a really lacy little empire-waist top. In my head, it is the kind of thing you would definitely have to wear over a cami, but so light and airy a pattern and yarn that the color is almost a mist against whatever you wear under it. (Hey, it works in my head!) Before I can put this together, obviously, I need to decide what lace pattern to use. I keep getting drawn to the inner lace panel of Ene's Scarf, from Scarf Style. It's not quite what I'm looking for, but, not being one to let an idea pass, decided to try it. I pull out the book, look through the pattern, find the charts. It suddenly becomes a brilliant idea to actually do the project - you know, while I figure out how the garment is going to have to work I should have something to do. And I don't have any other monster projects going on right now. So I ball up a skein of KnitPicks' Shadow in Lost Lake and spend an hour casting on 375 stitches. Three Hundred And Seventy Five! I did the first row of the chart, then crashed, since we had a brat mat this morning. After this, I think I'm going to go pick it back up again. I realized, though, once I cast on, that the structure of the a miter. You cast on the lower edges (the legs of the triangle, if you're into geometry), and because of very specifically placed decreases, you work up into a triangle shape (the cast off edge would be the hypoteneuse). I have to figure out how these decreases are placed so I can figure out how to do the edge triangles for the baby blanket. So maybe sometime in the next ten years or so, given my history with large lace projects, I might have something.

Oh, and I got a response from Fiona Ellis on the SRSP! She remembers me from Stitches and complimented the sweater! That was kind of cool!

I went running for the first time in about two weeks today. Did 2.75 miles! My legs are going to be so sore tomorrow! They've been sore pretty much since Monday's class - I almost didn't go to class last night, but they felt so much better afterwards! They were a little sore again today, but again, after I went running, they're not. I think I am one of those who gets those little endorphin highs from exercising. After I get done with class or at the gym, I feel like I can take on the world. I actually really wanted to go watch the sparring class tonight, but we had an intern seminar scheduled and we got started late due to some meetings running over. Blarg. Means I won't get to watch sparring again until week after next. Orange Belt Kid and I did some mock-sparring with our one-steps last night.

Going down to LA again on Monday. Supposed to be a full rehearsal with the dancers. We'll see. I love going down there, being down there, even driving down there and back isn't bad, it's getting up so early! I feel like I've had to get up early every day - covering classes, doing shows, prepping for the summer. I just want some sleep!

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