Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another FO!

The Tori Socks are done. Only two years in the making. You might remember that I finished the first one the day I learned my second cousin, Tori, had finally succumbed to the cancer she had been battling for several years at that point. She was a beautiful little girl who loved horses and rainbows and butterflies. Although there is nothing special about these socks - other than the first one was my first sock ever, they are just basic, stockinette, toe-up socks - the bright and cheerful colors will always make me think of her. I don't know why I felt the need to finally make the second now, but I started it a few days ago and just had to finish it.

I also have the front and neck finished of the HP vest:

the only thing that's left is to do the armband ribbing and block it. I really really want to get this done, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to start picking up the stitches. And I have the sneaking suspicion that I am going to have to hit the LYS to pick up one more skein of the grey. Two armbands! Mrph! Maybe I can get it to work out.

Finished Clue 3 a few days ago, actually, but am just now getting around to posting a pic.
I'm going to have to add the length to it. It's only 23.5" long from tip to needle right now, which would make an approximately 71" stole. I'm 70" tall, and I think I'd want it a bit longer if I decide to make it for me. I have to figure out what I want to do about the edge bead sequence, though.

TKD stuff after the cut.
I had, for me, my first disappointment in class tonight. Well, technically, not in class, after class. I stayed after to work on my sparring segments and board break. I could do the blue board, the easiest board and the minimum requirement for testing, just fine. I could not break the brown one, the next hardest board, for ANYTHING. It was the first time I've not been able to break a board at all. Even after hurting my hand with the knife strike, I still broke the board eventually. This time, I didn't hurt anything, not really, although the ball of my foot was getting a bit sore. I just couldn't do it. Ma'am finally made me take a break - "Katie, it's too close to testing to risk hurting your foot more!" - but Mr. R promised we'd work on it again next Monday. I *think* it might have to do with where the board was held. I think it needs to be higher and flatter for me, which surprised me because I don't expect to kick very high, but I felt like I couldn't get a solid kick on the surface when it was lower and more angled. Like I couldn't extend as well. I didn't know that you could ask the holders to adjust the boards (within reason, of course), until Ma'am told me afterwards, so I will have to try that next week. I can do all the minimum requirements for testing, but my nature always prods me to do better than the minimum - I've always hated the idea of conforming to the lowest common denominator - and I want to do the most challenging things that I can. I'm finally comfortable with my form, surprising myself when I was able to do it without thinking about it the other day, and I'm comfortable with the self-defense for once. My second and third sparring segments need a bit of work, but I think if I snag a rehearsal room again a couple times this week, I'll get them. I'm a little nervous about the sparring, but I was able to talk to Sir about it last week, and he said I should do fine. Obviously they aren't going to judge my skills the same way they would a higher belt with more experience. I think Mr. M is mid-terming, so he might be my sparring partner for testing. That would be okay. I might still do a pickup, but I'll wait until after class next week to decide. It'd be kind of cool to not feel the need to do one, though!


Kim said...

Wow! Your stole looks great! Did you block it for the photo?

AR said...

I love your socks, and the stole is so pretty! The HP sweater is so cool, too!

Good luck at class, you'll get it, just don't hurt yourself! How's that for sounding like 'Mom'? Hehe

Howard said...

Hi, I did a Google search for "Tori Socks" because that is my cat's name and was curious if anyone else had a cat with that name too. I was suprised to see your Tori socks but I really like them! I'm sure that they would look cute on my cat if only they were 1/10th of the size. She has little white feet which is why she got her name.

Anyway just wanted to say that you do good work. All the best.