Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another reason to miss Fridays...

For the fiberistas who have been patient enough to put up with my mostly non-knitting posts lately (HSS2 pal, look away!):

The first HSS2 sock! Yay!

I had one of the most fun evenings I've had in a long time tonight. Sparring as usual (I did not hurt Ma'am, of course, nor did anyone get injured other than Mr. M landing a really nice kick on my wrist which is going to bruise enough to raise eyebrows tomorrow), but then Mrs. S invited me to join her, Sir, baby Sam (their six-month-old son), Ma'am, Mr. M, Mr. C, and a few more students and parents of students (the kids basically ran free, as kids can do at such places) for pizza and beer afterwards. The pizza place just down from the dojahng is widely regarded as the best in the area - and after a few ribs about my age ("You're seriously old enough to buy beer?!" "Um, I'm 26..." "I thought you were sixteen or seventeen!"), it was fun to hang out with everyone outside of class. I guess this is a regular weekly thing, and I'm invited anytime. I do actually have two Friday nights where I don't have a rehearsal or performance. One is because of another mandatory work event (you think I could be sick *coughcough* that day?). The other is most likely some freak scheduling mistake, but I am clinging to it - November 30th - where we have a brat mat instead of an evening performance that day. I owe Mr. M for half a pizza and a beer.


Proptart said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's go to a real yarn shop. Not that I;m not grateful for having a place to go and touch yarn when I need to, but I wouldn't say it had a selection. Or customer service.

I love Klondike's, too... :)

AR said...

Great sock! I really need to knit on some socks. The weather keeps reminding me.

Be glad about the age poking, some day it won't happen, and you'll miss it! I love it when I'm the youngest around, or when people won't believe I'm almost (gasp) 34!!