Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

The real subject of this post behind the cut, as it really has nothing to do with yarn or knitting. The ankle is still not right. It probably does not help that I've done two kickboxing classes and a tkd class in the past 28 hours and did a nice job rolling said ankle on a jump side kick during tkd (I'm scared of those now, and it's in one of my sparring segments, ugh!). So all of the resting I tried to give it over the weekend went out the window, most likely. It's not swollen or bruised. I can walk, run, jump and kick just fine. And it doesn't hurt in class. It's just not...right. I put a brace on it today for kickboxing. I didn't go full out, but that was partly because of muscle fatigue and Mrs. S warning me that if she thought I was working my ankle too hard, she'd sit me out. It hurts now, though. So now I'm pondering how far I can push it tomorrow (kickboxing and tkd again on the slate) or if I do really need to suck it up and skip class(es). I cannot be dead or injured for sparring on Friday, as it's one of the last times I can go. (Basically, once rehearsals start Sept. 25th, I can't go to sparring again for the rest of the year - yes, year - because of a change in assignments and lack of interns. I'm really not happy about it, for a variety of reasons, but there's not really much I can do about it.) I'll sleep on it for tonight and see how it feels tomorrow. Heck, my muscles may be so sore and tired tomorrow that my body won't let me do anything anyway.

I frogged the first version of the HSS2 sock (the one in the pic in the previous post) to the end of the toe at knitting yesterday morning (we want pics of the hair, Inky!) and restarted the foot with the correct stitch pattern and worked about three inches. Then I realized I was doing an 8-stitch repeat over 32 stitches on the instep (4 repeats per round) at a gauge of about 9.5sts/inch. This creates a sock foot (factoring in negative ease) that fits my 9" circumference foot perfectly. Unfortunately, my pal's foot has a 9.5" circumference, and I'm not trusting washing to help me out much. I'm going to have to frog the foot and increase the toe to 40 stitches. It's going to mess up the stripes I'd gotten going with the 64 stitch pattern. Maybe I'll just frog the whole thing and do them cuff down for kicks. Toe-up obviously isn't working for me. Third time's a charm, right?

Oh, and I started a Modern Quilt Wrap. Only I'm doing mine with leftover sock yarn. And not striped. I started the striping thing, and it really doesn't work when you're using leftover sock yarn. However, doing whole squares of just one sock yarn is turning out to be surprisingly interesting. It's not beautiful in the KidSilk Haze kind of way, but it's interesting and it's using up my scrap yarn. Unfortunately, I still have far more sock yarn than leftover sock yarn, so I'd better get to the frogpond so I can start knitting socks again!

And from one of my interns: "Oh, good, you're knitting. When you're knitting in rehearsal, it makes me think that you think everything is going okay."

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AR said...

I hate it when maths ruin my knitting. I usually go for the easiest way to do it. LOL

I bet the sock yarn wrap is going to be neat! I want to see a pic soon. ;)