Friday, September 14, 2007


Okay, I've been really super good about not buying sock yarn lately. And trust me, with my fairly recent discovery of Shelbyb's Etsy shop (and a few others', as well), the temptation has been there. But I've been good. I have only bought the Felici and the yarn for the HSS2 socks all summer. And then Amy has to go and update her shop. This, for some reason, totally pushed the Must Have button in my brain. It's not really a color way I normally go for. (It has pink in it, for cryin' out loud!) I have no idea what I'll do with it. But I ordered it. I have no willpower.

The HSS2 sock and I are finally starting to agree, I think. We're doing 80sts on a 9.5sts/in gauge, with five pattern repeats on the instep. It's not quite striping like the last version, but it's not as scrambled as the first version either. I really haven't worked on anything else, although I have so many ideas about the Modern Quilt Wrap. I like the sock yarn one. I'm toying with the idea of using my leftover LB Homespun from making everyone else's afghans and expanding the wrap to make a throw for myself. The ends would be a pain to weave in, though. We'll see.

Still no idea what I did to my ankle, but it doesn't hurt anymore. Not that I've really taken it easy, unless you count going to only one class each on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of two each day. (Not entirely sure I could do nine classes in one week - but somehow seven seems to be a reasonable number.) There's something still not quite right, but I'll have this weekend to rest it up and get it figured out. So far this week, I've done three tkd classes, two kickboxing classes, and one Haganah FIGHT class, with sparring this evening if I can get away from work quickly enough. I did the FIGHT for the first time last night, and I like it, but it's a little weird when you stop to think what you are actually doing to someone. I mean, tkd, for my intents and purposes at this point, is an exercise and a sport and is meant to score points in tournaments. Haganah is combat and is meant to hurt someone severely enough that they can't hurt you. We did knife combat, eye gouges, and various other maneuvers designed to break or otherwise damage important body parts. It's very fun, until you stop to think about it. Then it's a little scary.

Oh, and if you really want fun looks and reactions, knit between classes!

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