Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Designers,

Please, for my sanity's sake, can we start cutting back on the number of totally cute patterns coming out right now? I will never get the patterns I already want to do done in one lifetime. Yet, all in this week, I've found one of Fiber Trend's new gems, the Gypsy Shawl, which has somehow completely grabbed me, a totally cute tank pattern called Jax, and the gorgeous Modern Quilt Wrap (I might do mine in leftover sock yarn) from Folk Style (a free download if you subscribe to the free Knitting Daily e-newsletter). I'm also interested in doing another mystery stole: the Secret of the Stole, which doesn't start until October. (Yes, Inky, I'm blaming you for this!) Plus, I need to finish the vest, the Felici socks (I SWEAR, I'm so close to being done it's not funny!), the HSS2 socks, and the MS3! So if you guys could take a break for a while, that would be great!
ETA: Felici Socks are finished! Pics up tomorrow or whenever.

Someday I'll have the time and energy to knit again! It does help that...I'm NOT taking over Urinetown in Solvang now! Yay!! (Can you see my happy dance or do I have to do it again?) I didn't realize how much I was not looking forward to it until Chrissy said she was going to keep it and it was like a weight fell off my shoulders. It's a great show, and a great cast, but I'm not quite ready to give up all my evenings again, and, honestly, it's HARD to take over a running show. There are all these intricacies that have developed and need to be learned and it's just kind of a pain in general.

I'd also probably have more time to knit if I actually stayed home in the evenings, too. But while I have the evenings free, I'm taking advantage of them! I did both cardio kickboxing (round one)and tkd (round two - Sir had fun teasing me) yesterday, fully expecting not to be able to walk today, but I'm actually barely sore at all. That says a lot about how far I've come since January, I think! The kickboxing class was a lot of fun - Sir's wife is teaching it and she is a really great encourager. There was only one other lady there who is also in tkd, and she is a yellow belt now I think, and the rest are just doing the kickboxing. The hardest part of the class for me was not bowing in and out, and not saying "Yes ma'am/sir!" when given a new drill. When did that become a habit?? We did some of the less complicated punch and kick drills from tkd, only against the bags instead of targets or partners, and we finished with a pilates-style ab workout, with some jumping rope thrown in. My only problem with it is that the gloves we wear for that class totally chafed and tore up my knuckles, to the point that it REALLY hurt to punch the targets during tkd. Tonight is definitely tkd, and maybe Haganah, depending on how I feel after tkd. I might give myself a break and just watch Haganah, since I don't want to be dead for sparring tomorrow like I was last week. Mr. R apologized for the bruises, which don't hurt at all anymore but are just starting to bloom into full color. Mr. M told him he was being too nice to me. Mr. R has a quite impressive and still painful-looking bruise on his foot from something that also happened on Thursday, so I guess we're even.

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