Wednesday, September 19, 2007


First off, kitty seems to be okay. We had more litterbox issues last week (he seemed to have decided my laundry hamper was his litterbox instead of the nice clean real litterbox right next to it), so we went to the vet yesterday. After the normal mewling, crying, pretending to be an ostrich and trying to bury his head in my elbow, and in general trying to convince anyone and everyone that he's too pathetic to be there, it was decided that he had a mild UTI and was grumpy about it. So now we get to go through the shoving the antibiotic pills down the throat routine twice a day. Joy, but at least he's okay.

Secondly, the heel has been turned on the first HSS2 sock! Yay! I've also found another knitter at tkd (her grandson takes classes, and she knits or crochets the most awesome lace during them) and was able to have a real conversation about socks and sock yarns with the props interns at work. So nice to be around people who speak my language! Oh, and the LYS may be getting better. They had a few new yarns in that I haven't seen there before and kind of liked. Still only Regia and Tofutsies for sock yarn selection, but the new Regia colors they just got in are really pretty. But I just got new yarn, so I'm good. Speaking of which, there was a note in the mailbox that USPS tried to drop off a package Monday morning. I haven't had time to pick it up during business hours. Can't wait...!!!!

Thirdly, I finally got a chance to talk with Sir a little about the upcoming changes to my schedule. He wants me to work on crescent kicks (I just about died of surprise. No. Really. =P), spin kicks (Mrs. S. promised to work with me on spin kicks in sparring this week), and to keep my legs strong to support my bad ankle. He also suggested that as I learn my new form, to go through all of the techniques very slowly, focusing on balance points and breaking down each technique into each seperate component - making sure the initial stance is correct, pivots and chambers are correct, etc. I'm going to miss being in class so much, although it'd be nice to give my body a chance to heal from all the scrapes and bruises. I also really randomly got a copy of the Fall 2007 ATA World magazine in the mail today. No idea why, but it was interesting. (Huh, ATA just redid their website, too.) I may have to take it easier tomorrow, though - my arms were just about to fall off after FIGHT tonight, but I've also been PMS'y and haven't been so smart about eating so far this week. Gotta lay off on that.

Now off to shove a pill down a grumpy cat's throat and get some sleep for tomorrow!

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Kim said...

Which LYS? I've noticed that Beverly's in SLO has a much better selection of yarns than they used to. They told me they were being given more control over what yarns to stock. It seems this area has gone from pretty limited to pretty good yarn selection in a short period of time.