Friday, September 28, 2007

Organizing thoughts... bear with me if things seem a little scattered. This post, quite honestly, is more for my benefit than any readers'. Sorry, I just need to get projects organized in my brain!

Between the fact that I'm currently in rehearsal for three separate shows, really should be spending more time babysitting PSM'ing three more, and our office just got moved to a new building (which is actually AWESOME!) and we've been packing, unpacking, cleaning, organizing, and why-the-HELL-can't-they-get-our-computers-renetworked-so- they-aren't-just-big-expensive-paperweights?-grumbling, I haven't gotten much knitting done this week. I do have the toe done on the second HSS2 sock, as well as the toe of a basic stockinette sock. I need to get more done, though. Why?

Me: So, since the Christmas Club (a special savings account through my parents' bank)cheques are coming soon, give me ideas for Christmas gifts.
Mom: Well, I don't know about the guys, but you could always just make me something. You know, if you have time.
Me: Make you something? Like what?
Mom: Well...I could really use a new pair of mittens. HINT HINT. Oh, and Soleil has really taken a liking to those slippers you made for me last year and I can't get the cat hair off of them anymore without shrinking them. So maybe a new pair of those, too?
Me: (thinking: oh, okay, mittens aren't bad. I can do mittens. And the slippers took me about a day to make) What color?
Mom: I don't know. Let me think about it. Oh, and I think your brother would really like one of those afghans you make for his house. His favorite team is the Chicago Bears, so you probably can't go wrong with navy and burnt orange. (Ugh!)

This has resulted in me going and finding the bulkiest yarn available around here, Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, and size 15 circs. Surprisingly, I don't mind working with the bulky yarn nearly as much as I thought I would; it's much softer than I'd expected, and the colors are, quite frankly, perfect. I think it's too dense on th 15s, though. I'm adding in white for a third color, but am having the darndest time finding a tri-color afghan pattern! I want something fairly modular and preferably garter-based, as I have the sneaking suspicion that most of this will have to be knit backstage during shows and I don't want to lug a big old afghan around with me. I REALLY like the Rambling Rows afghan, but it's a five color beast to really look good, and honestly, I can't think of any other colors that go with navy, burnt orange, and white. (I ordered the pattern anyway. Did I mention I really like it?) My current backup plan is basically a ginormous dishcloth blanket on size 17 needles with a striping pattern similar to the stripes on the arms of the Bears' home jerseys. My actual original idea was to double knit a rectagle and have one side be navy and orange with a Bears' logo on it and one side be old gold and black with a Purdue logo, but that's beyond my skills, I think. At least for the time frame and circumstances I have to knit it in.

Anyway, currently waiting for the needle tips and afghan pattern to arrive so I can swatch again for that. Mom still hasn't decided on colors yet, although, with Coleen's help, I think I've decided on a mitten pattern. (I know Mom occasionally checks this, so I won't post which one!) I want to get the second HSS2 sock finished before I start her stuff, but should get the afghan started ASAP. My brother is really tall and will need a big afghan.

And now, I really need to go to bed, as I am testing for my purple recommended belt tomorrow afternoon. I miss class! I've been grabbing rehearsal halls when I can this week to get extra form practice in. I've kind of made up a workout that has a mixture of tkd, kickboxing, and FIGHT drills in it, as well as some of the pilates. It's not great, and I don't work up nearly the sweat that I do in real classes, but it's better than nothing. A heavy bag would be awesome, but no idea where I'd put it. I'm definitely going to talk to Sir about maybe adding in a private lesson once a week!

I'm also technically supposed to be in three rehearsals at once tomorrow night. They're being nice and only making me be in one. Lucky me! At least they're going to let me off to do another show (sort of) for John next month!

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