Saturday, March 15, 2008

Delayed Pics and Opposite Actions

A few pics stolen from the guy in the bottom photo from the Othello opening party.

I don't wear that necklace very often, as it kind of requires just the right neckline and style, but I always get tons of compliments on it. I love it!

I don't get to go to Art's opening party tonight (Say it with me, "I can't, I have rehearsal..."), but I do get to see it next week and I'm very excited about it. I've seen that show once in New York with Judd Hirsch (front row seats, it was FANTASTIC!), and we did it at Purdue my senior year (I didn't work on it, though. I'm pretty sure it was AF Guy's show while I worked on...whatever show I was working on at the time.). It's SUCH a good show, and knowing the guys in it will make it that much better. I actually get to see the understudy rehearsal tomorrow night before I get to see the actual cast, so that will be really interesting.

Now for the opposite actions. I forgot how much time it takes to wind down at night after rehearsal, and have been forced to rework my sleep schedule. The good thing, is that this has also meant that I have had no time to work out at all since Monday. This is good because my elbow has been bothering me all week, to the point where I finally called the doctor back on Thursday night and he sent me in to get it x-rayed Friday. (Nurse Lady, who has been...nagging isn't the right word, she's awfully nice about it, but you get the about it every time she sees me in the dojahng, gave me the "Finally!" look when I walked in the doctors' office.) I'm a little confused, since everyone seems to think it's a muscle or tendon problem, not a bone problem, but maybe the x-ray is to rule out bone problems? This is why I do not get paid the big bucks. They're supposed to call me back and let me know the results within 24-48 hours, but as it's a weekend, I'll be happy if I hear from them on Monday. It seems to be triggered not by stretching it, like when you punch, but more often by carrying things. It doesn't like doing pushups and the plank (a pilates move I picked up in kickboxing), either.

The opposite action to the fact that my elbow hurts enough that I had to go get it x-rayed and am a little glad that I haven't worked out at all is that I went in yesterday and put in an order for a standing heavy bag (the same kind we use at the dojahng) to put in my garage. My garage isn't huge, and I don't have mirrors for formwork or mats/partners for self-defense, but I should have more than enough room to do the kickboxing workouts, and I can push the bag to the side to give me some room for forms. I can always snag a rehearsal room if I need the mirrors, but it will be good to get used to working without them. The bag should get here in about two weeks - probably just after testing and that should give my elbow some quality time off. If I can get away with not moving too much furniture in rehearsal.


vi said...

dear, please take care of yourself........


Anonymous said...

hi Katie
grandma is now able to keep up with you. Ha hA.

Kadiddly said...

Hi Grandma!!