Thursday, March 27, 2008

One scraped up ankle later...

...and I have a red belt! Which will look absolutely terrible with the new blue doboks, so I have added incentive to get my black belt soon! The new logos on the back are much cooler, though. (Sir recommended getting a heavy weight, although the lazy part of me is going "I already get hot enough in my medium weight uniform!" He pointed out, though, that after training in a heavy weight dobok, everything else will feel like pajamas. Also, the black instructors' doboks are only available in heavy weight. And those still aren't as heavy as Sir's ATA dobok. That thing is like iron.) The belts are actually a different style, too - the gold leadership stripes are much thinner (yay!), and the belts themselves are long enough to double-wrap. Just when I finally get able to properly tie a single-wrap belt consistently, they go and change it up! Geez, people! Anyway, I am hoping to get my new uniform on Monday, and will try to get pics up soon. (I realized I'd scraped my ankle - most likely on my board break - when I noticed blood stains on the hem of my white dobok. Sigh.) They do already have some of the new t-shirts in, a basic white with Haganah*Taekwondo*Fitness Kickboxing across the front and the new logo on the back. I told Sir it was nice of them to finally get a shirt that had all my classes on it. He just laughed. Anyway, we are having class on Monday now (normally, they don't have class on the Monday after testings), which is awesome, because it means I won't miss two full weeks of class and will get to start learning the new forms and stuff along with everyone else. I was able to do kickboxing yesterday, and am teaching it tomorrow, so at least I'm getting some work in this week.

And I desperately need to punch things this week. Double rehearsals every day except today (only evening rehearsal tonight, which is why I could test this afternoon) plus meetings and paperwork make for a Very Long Week. It doesn't help that we are moving so slowly through the show that I am starting to get worried that we will not get the show staged before tech. I'm sure we will, but yikes! Life x3 opens this weekend to run in rep with Art. I won't get to see it until after Godspell opens, but it sounds like fun.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations kiddo! I'm proud of you.

zippiknits said...

Very Very Cool. Congratulation, Kadiddly :o)