Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There has been knitting, but mostly on my HSS3 socks, so I'm not posting pictures. I had the foot of the first sock almost completely done, then decided the pattern really wasn't working for me, so frogged back to the toe and started in a different pattern. Thanks to a Bones marathon on Sunday (tv shows on dvd are the best idea ever!), I'm through the heel and have about an inch done so far on the leg. And frankly, I'm jealous - I've finally gotten this pattern to work for me, and I'll have to give the socks away! (And pray that they fit my pal!) I still have to do the second sleeve of the BB Sweater, but the socks are on a deadline. I should have deadlines for all my projects, that seems to be the only way I actually get them done!

Friday was very fun. Got stuck at work, so only got to do about half of kickboxing class, then sparring, then Klondikes for beer, pizza, and cake! I got a few decent pics (the lighting in Klondikes is pretty dim, so the flashes kind of made things a little difficult). We have the birthday boy (Baby S) and dad (Sir). This was taken pre-cake serving. You can tell because there is no blue icing on anything. (Sound familiar, Mom?) Post-cake, Baby S, Sir, Mrs. S, and I were all very blue. (One of the hazards of being loved, I guess.) There was only blue icing on the very edge of the cake, too - it's amazing how it spreads!

We didn't open a lot of presents at the party (because, really, squishing cake between fingers and getting icing all over creation is far more important when you're one!), but Ma'am really wanted to see the Hedgehog:
She wants one, now, too! Her birthday is in December, though, so she's gonna have to wait! Mrs. S also thought it was adorable and the perfect size for Baby S to carry around. She's actually a little worried it will get loved to death, but I assured her that I could make a new one if that happened. (I didn't get a good pic of Mrs. S - I tried to get one of her with Sir and Baby, but it was too dark from where I was sitting.)

And, of course, what is a party without a lot of goofing around, creating chaos, and generally setting bad examples for the kids? Not that Mel and I would do anything like that, of course:
Can't you see the halos over our heads? For some reason, we weren't allowed to sit at the big kids' table (mostly because we arrived with Baby S, so all the other seats were taken), but I'd like to point out that we got hit by peanut shells before we started throwing them back. We were just defending ourselves (and the beer - I was splitting pitchers with Ma'am, Sir, and Mrs. S - Mel's too young).

Our innocence is proven - TKD grandson, me, and Mel hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Which we could have pulled off better if Mel hadn't been elbowing me in the ribs the whole time.

At any rate, a fun time was had by all, and I'm not looking forward to missing Friday nights again. I started the private lesson thing back up again yesterday - Monday was the only day Sir could fit me in this week - which means that yes, I did FOUR classes yesterday. I got drilled on reverse hook kicks and reverse side kicks in the afternoon, then went and started taping out my set at work, which involves lots of squatting and getting up and down, then went back to the dojahng and did kickboxing, tkd, and instructor class. My legs are still tired! I'm really really liking double bahng mahng ees, though. I think we're going to start forms with them next week. I'm also definitely going to get a 12-pound medicine ball for home, and I'm thinking about investing in a heavy bag. That way I can at least get some kicking and punching drills in. I'm thinking about keeping it in the garage. I'll have to see how finances trickle out, though.

And, as much as I will miss class and the dojahng (and trust me, I will. Last night as we were packing up, Mr. R did the "See you on Wednesday!" thing. When I said that I wasn't going to be back until Monday, he accused me of abandoning them. Sigh!), I am very much looking forward to this:
(photo credited to Luis Escobar and Reflections Photography studio). It's so rare that we get a real cast photo for shows, but Godspell (more pics on the site) is such a truly ensemble piece that it was really the only option for our publicity photos. It's also unusual for us to have so many students (second AND first years!) taking the prominent roles in the show. We only have three RAs involved in it, and only one of them is Equity. It will be a great experience for the students, and they already have such a good energy and are so excited about this show. It will be awesome to work on this with them!

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