Sunday, March 02, 2008


I wish my elbow would just make up it's mind whether or not it's going to hurt. I've kept up on the medicine, but have only been icing it when it hurts. It hadn't bothered me all day on Friday, so I did both kickboxing and sparring, and my arm got really tired and sore by about halfway through sparring. (Nurse checked up on me during class because she could see that I wasn't using the arm much. She wants me to get it checked out.) I figured I would have to ice it when I got home that night, but it didn't really hurt as much as it was just uncomfortable. By the time we all left Klondikes, it actually didn't hurt at all! It didn't bother me much yesterday, either, except for a few small twinges, but today I was writing out my grocery list and it started hurting again! Argh! At least have some kind of consistency with what triggers it to hurt! Mrph!

Yesterday was rather nice, actually. It was a little grey and not quite so warm as it has been this week, so I had an excellent day doing most of my cleaning (I actually put laundry away!), then curled up with the NCIS marathon on USA and worked on the baby blanket.
It's three-quarters done now. My initial plan was to increase to 126 sts, but that just wasn't big enough, so I decided to go with two skeins increasing and two skeins decreasing. (Very precise measurements, huh?) It's still a bit smaller than I would normally expect, but that's all the yarn I bought for this, so that's all I'm going to use. I think it will stretch and block out to a little bigger, too. I am hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow.

I also finally got around to working with this:
My HSS3 yarn. I'm a terrible pal, I'm finally getting started almost a month into the swap! Yikes! I'm going to do a simple pattern, though, and once the baby blanket is done, these will get my full attention, so hopefully they will go quickly.
(And that's all the peeking you're going to get, sneaky HSS3 pal! =) )

I'm having a serious Coldstone Cremery craving this weekend, and I'm still looking for a nice cheerful yellow for another Hedgehog, so I might have to trek up to SLO again. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. None of the LYSs are open on Mondays, sadly, and I'm not sure if any are open on Sundays, either, so other than getting out of the house, I don't know how successful of a trip it will be, but honestly, just getting out of the house is enough.

Kitty does not agree, though, and feels the need to snooze. He NEVER sleeps in his bed, which is why I've gotten sloppy and let so many cables (phone and camera chargers) fall near it, but it doesn't seem to phase him at all...
Silly kitty!

Scientists on the Discovery Channel are working on bringing dinosaurs back via genetic manipulation. While the whole idea is kind of cool, with human beings' current track record of introducing new animals into new eco-systems, what makes bringing large creatures that we really know little about (because they DIED OUT 65 million years ago, you think that might be a clue?) into our world seem like a good idea?? Vegitarian or carnivore, how are you going to feed the things??? And is it really a "dinosaur" ("thunder lizard") if it's the same size or smaller than our current lizards?? Or just a new (redone?) species of lizard? I get the importance of genetic research and think it's fascinating, but this one kind of has me going " really think this is a good idea?"


Kim said...

Betty's Fabrics in SLO is open every day, and they have a nice yarn selection. It's actually the LYS that I go to most frequently, because I can stop by after work (they're open until 8 most weekdays).

Kim said...

I guess you have a Betty's in Santa Maria also, with a pretty substantial yarn section too.

Kathy said...

ive been having icecream cravings too. I want an oberweiss hard serve with hotfudge, well, just make it a tin roof.