Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend Craziness

Weekend rant/confusion behind the cut. Really weird weekend in LA. The show went well, but working it was strange. I got singled out a lot for really minor stuff - John greeting me with a hug looks "unprofessional" but everyone else gets one (and I got one from everyone else). It was a warm night, and after the show we'd been packing and moving the crates, and loading them into John's truck, with NO ONE else around but our crew, so I'd gotten hot and unbuttoned my black shirt (I was wearing a very modest white tank top underneath), and the two guys had also made similar accommodations to the temperature (the girls didn't have as much physical labor as we did). *I* got told to button back up, because I looked "unprofessional". The guys didn't. (New Guy, overhearing this, cracked, "Yeah, quit looking so sexy!") We ate at a private table at the theater after the show - it was a fundraiser/charity thing and we got the same dinner as the guests, so it was pretty fancy. (Armenian food is...interesting. Good, but interesting.) We'd been having fun all evening with the fact that they'd given us everything the guests had gotten - including a bottle of wine for the table (a Beringer cabernet sauvignon, was okay). We finally decided to break into it after the main course, but with seven people at the table and one small bottle of wine, we decided to use the tiny after-dinner liquour glasses instead of the wine glasses to make sure that everyone could have some. I was cut off after one and half glasses, because "I had to drive and follow him back to the house." Everyone else, including him, got several refills. His mom, who had joined us at this point, told me I could have another glass "at home" (she also asked why she hadn't seen me around the house much lately - his parents are very charming), but we ended up getting back to the house much earlier than they did and I literally got sent to bed. Sunday was spent doing everything (breakfast, unloading/unpacking at the warehouse, and cleaning/prepping Osmosis to ship it) as quickly as possible (although we still had fun, as always), and as soon as we were done, he was like "Okay, time for you to go now! The drive will be great this time of day, I won't worry about you getting caught in traffic." It was 3:30p and I'm really lucky I didn't hit rush hour traffic, even on a Sunday =P Very much NOT how our usual days go, they usually linger quite a bit and make us joke about the "time warp" at the warehouse, although I did get more "you're really rather be living here, though, right?" comments and even a "well, now you have an excuse to come back soon!" when I pointed out that he'd (once again) welched on watching the rest of the rehearsal video. And I got a text once I got home thanking me for all my help this weekend and how he really appreciates it. Not sure what triggered this babysitting/burden attitude, and I don't particularly care for it or the way it singles me out. Even the girls were like "Um, is something going on? Is everything okay?" Hell if I know - I thought everything was fine. I mean, we did have fun this weekend - this is the group that is wanting to send us actually TO Armenia to do some shows for, like, orphanages and charities over there. So that was cool, although John's not too sure about actually doing that. (I guess there's still a lot of corruption and instability in the government there, and they were joking that they'd take John's passport away and keep him there to do magic shows forever. One of the girls commented, "That's not a problem. He'll just call Katie and she'll come bust him out with her martial arts and military friends. Oh wait. That won't work. Katie would already be there with him. Hmm...") Eduardo had fun teasing me about my old engagement ring, so that had to get briefly explained. (I wear it when I go apartment hunting, so people will think that even though it's just me moving in, at least someone will be checking on my welfare fairly regularly. I'd left it in my purse from last time I was down there, and decided it looked nice with the formal black of the evening - it IS a pretty ring, after all - so I wore it.) We had a lot of fun in our "private party" - we could hear all the music from the actual event, had our own "dancing" (okay, Eduardo acting silly) and had all this good food and wine and company. So that part was fun. So...who knows? Meh.

In other news, I'd REALLY wanted to have the illusion scarf finished for this weekend, and I was on pace to do just that. However, on Thursday, with one and a half symbols left to go, I ran out of the red and CANNOT find that color in ANY of the LYSs. I can find the bright red, but not the dark brick/burgundy red. I'll have to check around again this week. I've picked the baby blanket back up in place of the scarf. I have half a stripe repeat left to do, then I'll put it on a lifeline and see how big it it. I do really like the colors - they're very bold and cheerful.

Woke up crying twice last night from dreams that shouldn't even remotely be sad or even emotional. Very weird.

Still job hunting and have no idea how I'm going to pay for May at this point if I'm still here for it. I guess my sgt is putting a blanket request out for Basic slots in May to get us out ASAP, but she may or may not get anything available. Argh.

Was a bit naughty and found a leaked version of the new Wolverine movie online over the weekend. It was very awesome, and rather than being a spoiler, it really makes me want to see the full, finished theater version now! (I'm really in love with Gambit, actually. It's the accent. It has been since the animated series when we were kids.)

New class starts this weekend. Hope it's more exciting than the book so far. (Zzzz!) The homework isn't really explained very well on paper, either, so I'm hoping I can get some clarification on that.

Did eight martial arts classes last week and loved it. It felt SOOO good. Even running barefoot in the parking lot during kickboxing. Can't wait to get started again this week. They had another women's self-defense seminar this past weekend. I told Sir that I wanted to be there for it, but would be out of town. He teased me that I was always out of town and I just needed to stay home occasionally! Oh, and big dojahng news is coming, but it's not official yet.

Les Miserables opens at PCPA this weekend. It's phenomenal. Bring tissues. I'll be there Opening Night.

I suppose I should go eat some lunch now so I have some energy for classes tonight.


Amanda said...

That's odd. I wonder if someone said something to him? Weird. I'd be pissed.

Unfringed said...

That's exactly what another of my friends said. I don't know what would have prompted such a comment, but who knows?

I sent him an email after I got home basically saying "hey, if *I* did or said anything really inappropriate, please let me know so we can fix this, because this was weird and I don't like it" and haven't gotten a response yet.

Meh. Boys. Can't live with 'em and can't legally kill 'em =P

Kim said...

I so want to see Les Miserables at PCPA. Have to figure out the sitter thing....