Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching Up (LONG)

Thanks for the reminder, Amanda. I keep writing blog posts in my head and then forgetting to type them up or get distracted by something else.

So, let's see...

Date with Cute Guy - was good. We met up in SLO after his rehearsal for drinks at a place I'd never been to but really liked. It's called Koberl at Blue. It's a bit pricey, but I really liked the atmosphere. It was nice to catch up with him on his trip to NYC and current shows. He wanted to get a little more physical than I was really in the mood for, though, so we ended up calling it a little early. (It's all good, no worries.) So, all in all, it was a really nice ego boost, but nothing particularly major or exciting.

On the ego boost note, did you know that if you go into a dojahng wearing a bit of makeup, a sundress and sandals, you'll get some really strange looks? Well, not strange, but it will definitely garner some comments. I went in to watch the aikido class on Friday, and, since I had absolutely no intention of joining the class (last week was really hard for some reason and I figured getting my wrists, elbows, and shoulders stretched out even further wouldn't help), and it was warm for once, I pulled out one of my comfy sundresses. Gil teaches aikido, so Ma'am was there watching as well (they finally hooked up, it's super cute), Mr. R takes the class, and Sir was teaching a private lesson off to the side. Ma'am and I get talking, Sir finishes his lesson, walks past to the desk, does a double take, and walks back to me to shake my hand and say hi. Between him, Gil and Mr. R, I had to explain several times why I was "so dolled up." Boys! (I'll refrain from pointing out the perfect example that clearly all the good guys are taken!)

I'd only meant to stay for aikido, but then two of the other parents (including two of the tweenyboppers' mom) and I got talking about the Guard and working at VAFB, so I ended up staying through Weapons class too. They're doing ssahng jeol bahngs this unit, and the more I watch those classes, the more I'm convinced that those are REALLY not the weapons for me. I'll learn them, of course, because I have to, and I'll do my best with them and maybe I'll even really like them. But for right now, they seem like an incredibly good way to smack myself in the head repeatedly. And I'm a little disappointed, because I really like working with the bahng mahng ees and jahng bahngs and I'll bet that once I start learning the ssahng jeol bahng form, I won't get to work with them again for a while. On the other hand, I was able to help Viv (yay, Viv's back!!!) with the regular first degree form tonight, so maybe the classes are doing some kind of good. Of course, if I don't know that form by now, *I'm* screwed, not to mention TOTALLY screwing up BOTH my board breaks tonight, so maybe not. (In all fairness, though, that was the first time I'd ever done the hand break - an upset hammerfist - on the brown board, which is a lot harder! The kick - a spin hook kick - was just...bad and I know I can do it better than that.)

Oh, and since there's a big old sign up about it now, I guess I can share the big dojahng news - we're moving!!!! The company that is totally revamping our local mall offered them a space up on the second floor. It's about the same size as the current space, but they are completely customizing it for us, which will give us slightly more mat space and moveable hanging bags! There is going to be less-to-no room for spectators (parents) during classes, which is a good thing, but for things like testings and tournaments, we'll use the open area in the mall out in front of the space. Talk about publicity! It's a MUCH better location for the school - all those people, and kids, walking by all the time (although they're also putting in a Dairy Queen near us, which could be problematic) - and for me, as the mall is literally like five blocks away from my apartment. We officially move June 1, just in time for Sir and Mrs. S's 10-year anniversary of being in business here. As you can tell, we're all pretty excited about it! (And yes, I realize that I have no idea if I'm going to BE here for it or not, but I'm still excited about it!)

So that's dojahng news....and boy news...let's see...oh! Disney! Saturday, the girls (Jen and Sara, as opposed to Dani and Amy, who are our dancers, but are also referred to as "the girls" when Jen and Sara are already around) and I met up at Disneyland and had a ball! (Jen has clearly not uploaded the pics yet, I plan to steal them when she does!) We had lunch and maybe a drink or two at the Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney, and then decided to hit California Adventure, since I had never been to that side of the park. CA is smaller than Disneyland, I think, but the rides are cooler. We went on Soarin' Over California (Mom, you would LOVE that one!), Toy Story Shooting Gallery (or whatever it's called - I got my butt thoroughly kicked by both girls pointswise, although I had better accuracy!), a surprisingly good 'coaster called Screamin' California (or maybe California Screamin', not really sure. Anyway, you get a countdown and then literally take off at 70 mph from the horizontal start, which was awesome), and, of course, the Tower of Terror (which was not NEARLY as terrifying as it was the first time I went on it at Disney World. They've changed it, and I have to say I like it a lot better!). We didn't stay too late, because I didn't want to be driving late at night again, but it was very fun, and I have two more days' worth of parkhopper passes to use up before May 1, thanks to the military discount they're doing. We're plotting another day there, and trying to convince John that he really needs to come with us next time. (He was invited, but backed out.)

Still job hunting, still haven't heard back from the base interview, and am going back down to LA on Friday to have lunch with one of my friends from when we lived down there/previous summer interns. Have very tentative plans to meet up with John that afternoon, too - I have a CD he wants, and a toy for him. Unfortunately, I HAVE to come back Friday night, since I have ERAU class at the godawful hour of 0800 Saturday morning.

Anyway, between a new book series I'm reading (the Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin - very light vampire hunter series, but not bad), homework, black belt midterm on Wednesday, belt ceremony on Thursday, LA on Friday, and class on Saturday, I'm hoping this week will be better than the last...oh, and I have to say, I LOVE this weather!! 95 degrees, sunny, and's heaven! And yes, I'm wearing sunscreen - I learned the hard way that doboks and sunburns do NOT work well together!

" look...nice! I almost didn't recognize you...except for the bruises. I recognize the bruises." - Sir

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