Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fingers crossed

My plans for the day had been to head out to VAFB around 1:00p to get fingerprinted for my security clearance, and then hit classes that night. Around 12:00n, as I was starting to get dressed and ready to head to the base, I got a phone call. The guy wanted to talk to me for a few minutes about a secretary position at the base. I explained that I was actually getting ready to come out to the base, so I couldn't talk for more than a few minutes at that time, but I would be happy to talk in person once I was out there. He agreed. Didn't get fingerprinted (some drop in communication lines, have to go back tomorrow), so I headed over to the other building. Turns out, it's the PR squadron for the base - they need a secretary. One of my millions of job applications has finally at least gotten that far! So I interviewed with the guy there. I think it went really well, and they said my ANG training wouldn't be much of a problem, but they aren't going to be making any decisions until next week and "who knows how quickly THAT will get through the pipes." So...not holding my breath, but still holding my breath. Also, not five minutes after I got home, the phone rings again - it's a theater company down in SoCal looking for a part-time house manager. They want to schedule an interview in a few days. So maybe things are starting to look up?

The job at the base would be nice...full time, good pay, and I thought Sir was gonna do a cartwheel when I told him tonight. (He promised to keep his fingers crossed for me all weekend - no more class until Monday because of the Easter weekend.) It's a M-F, 7:30a-4:30p job, so I can easily do Guard, ERAU and probably even most of John's stuff (who, btw, has not responded to my email, although he did wish me luck on the interview via text), at least until he takes off. If that doesn't work out, though, I'd totally be cool with doing the SoCal thing. Even though life would be absolutely perfect if I could take Sir and the entire school with me down there ;-)

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that SOMETHING works out for me!


Kim said...

Fingers and toes crossed!

Delia said...

Everything crossed for you + super amounts of good vibes!!!
Tengo todos los dedos cruzados y todo lo demás que se pueda cruzar también más aparte toneadas de buenas vibras.

Delia (Delibu-ravelry)

Unfringed said...

Muchas gracias, Delia! Estoy muy nerviosa ahora y espero que ellos llaman pronto. Me gustaría saber si yo necesito vivir aquí o Los Angeles! =P

(I did cheat a little and run that sentence through a translator to make sure it was what I wanted. Getting better, though, and only had to look up one thing!)