Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Big Bruise

is what I feel like right now. I don't know why, but this week was really hard with class for some reason. It was kind of hard in general, actually. Sore muscles, crazy bruises, minor nausea, fatigue. Must've picked up a bug somewhere. Or just overworked myself physically. I haven't done anything more this week than last week, though. Less, in fact, although it feels like twice as much. It didn't really help that I came in late to kickboxing tonight and was therefore cold when I joined the workout, Gil did a darn good job trying to dislocate my ankle during knife sparring, and my bad elbow decided to pop during one of my favorite drills (I privately call it "shark attack" person is in the middle of the circle, and everyone else has tombstones. When you get hit with a tombstone, it's triple punches, triple knees, a piston takedown, and another set of triple punches. It gets...umm...aggressive) forcing me out until I could get it popped back. Mrph.

And, I found out what's going on with my uniform - apparently the blue uniforms came in. Only...they aren't our really pretty blue (the only good thing about that uniform). They're a "hideous shade of OR scrubs blue," according to Mrs. S. Sir told me during instructor class that they were so ugly he couldn't even bring himself to let me see them and definitely wouldn't let me wear one. So it doesn't sound like I'll get my new uniform in time for testing. Sigh. At least I know my instructors look out for me, I guess!

Going to take tomorrow off to deal with homework (and hopefully physically recover some), and then I'm going to Disneyland with the girls on Saturday! Yay!

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