Friday, April 24, 2009

Musical Memories (Random)

Isn't it amazing how you can not hear a song for literally years, but as soon as that song is even just mentioned in passing, you can immediately recall ALL the lyrics to it? In this case, Newsboys' "Shine." Amazing what your memory keeps.

Okay, music is an essential part of my life. As a kid/teenager, if I was awake and in my room, there was music playing. (Probably to the more-than-occasional chagrin of my parents, I'm sure, although I'm pretty sure I come by it honestly via my dad.) Even now, the only time there isn't music playing in my apartment is when I'm watching television. And I'll listen to anything - there is literally everything from Beethoven to Eminem and musicals to metal (though, admittedly, not much) in my music folder. However, two of the main bands in my life while I was growing up - and I mean, these are the ones that I got completely teenage-fangirl about - were DC Talk and Newsboys. I had all of their albums - which of course, I played obsessively until my mom threatened to take away my boombox (I don't remember if I got DC Talk's debut or sophomore album first, but they were some of the first tapes that were *mine*. Similarly, I clearly recall their third album, Free At Last, was my very first CD!), went to all their concerts, and I still always keep a copy of both Jesus Freak and Take Me To Your Leader with me. A convoluted series of conversations and thought processes lately prompted me to see what they are up to nowadays. DC Talk mutually dissolved several years ago - shortly after their final album, although they apparently all continue to help each other out in their pretty successful solo careers and collaborate a lot. Interestingly, however, as of last month, one of the former members of DC Talk is the new lead singer for Newsboys. That's intriguing...

Aaaanyway...oh wait, before I get off that topic, I have to say that one of my still-favorite bands from that time, Jars of Clay, just released a new album this week. ("Flood" was a big initial hit for them when I was in about junior high, I guess.) Their stuff has definitely gotten more sophisticated with time, and I have to say that I REALLY liked If I Left The Zoo and Good Monsters, and Long Fall Back to Earth, the new album, seems to live up to that, although there's something to be said for the more raw acoustic guitar sound they used to have. Oh well.

Other than clearly having too much time to think on the freeway coming home, today was a good day. I went down to Fullerton and had a long catching-up lunch with Wendy, and we were very randomly joined by one of our favorite actors from last summer, who was walking by the restaurant. Small world! John apparently got caught up in a meeting in LA, so we didn't get to meet up. I still left some things for him at his office, which turned into a long, funny text conversation with him trying to guess what I'd left (he promised he'd call when he finally got a chance to pick the stuff up and see what it is). I actually considered going back to Disneyland and watching the fireworks, but I didn't really want to pay the parking fee again for just myself, so I instead spent the next four and a half hours in traffic. Meh.

Shine - make 'em wonder what ya got.
Make 'em wish that they were not
On the outside lookin' bored.
Shine - let it shine before all men.
Let 'em see good works and then
Let 'em glorify the Lord.

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otter said...

I have a confession; when you loaded all your songs on MP3 players and left your CDs at home I came across the DC Talk one. My first reaction was "OH NO! It's BACK!" Then I slipped it into the CD player and sang along with it. Somehow I had learned all the words. LOL!