Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost there

1. Arm still hurts. It got jacked up again in class on Tuesday (the untrained are ALWAYS the most dangerous), hurt bad enough that I didn't go to class at all on Wednesday, and I only did kickboxing tonight. Blargh. (If Sir had been there tonight, I would have stayed, because it would have meant more grappling - which might have finally clicked for me - and less disarming and stretching of the arm, but he's gone for a few days and while normally I would not have any problems at all with Mr. R, the arm really couldn't have handled more PT tonight.)

2. Going hiking with some people from the 148th up near SLO tomorrow night. Should be interesting.

3. Have to talk to the commander tomorrow. New rumours say that all officer slots are filled with fully qualified people, but he'll still let me come to the 216th as enlisted (they are more than willing to get me trained ASAP and don't have a million schools dragging them down). Gotta find out what's going on with that. I wonder if they have any traditional officer slots available, if everyone is moving to full-time. I'd still be in training, and therefore gainfully employed in view of lots of civilian contractors for several months. Either way, I can't really lose. I can't really say that the 216th is a step up, because it's not better, it just has a different mission, and neither unit is better than the other, but I'm really much more interested in the JSpOC than the MILSTARs. And I'm going to (respectfully, for rank and because I like the guy) make it clear that I AM going to be an officer, if not now, then eventually, so I hope he likes seeing my name come across his desk.

4. Fringe and Bones are both awesome.

5. Knitting is starting to become fun again. About the only thing I've really been working on with any degree of progress has been the Twizzle scarf, and it's about 85% done. I just picked the afghan back up the other day, though. And found a pattern that I was trying to make up last year. I'm really glad other people are smarter than me.

6. Shower and bed time. One more day of getting up early (15 days in a row, I'd like to point out), and then the weekend. Recruiter is off tomorrow, so I think I'll [s]see how much trouble I can get into[/s] finish up a project for the Lt and maybe not work nine hours again like I did today (starting the project for the Lt). Anyone know Excel REALLY REALLY well?


Shrinky Inky said...

Fringe and Bones both rocked! I was really impressed with the season opener on Fringe in particular. The acting on that show is terrific and I like the addition of the new FBI agent.

So, do you think Bones and Sealy will ever get it on? i hope not actually, it's usually the death of a series.

DrCheez said...

I'm pretty Excel-acious. Just let me know how I can help :-)